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Best Online Tea Stores in 2023 Introduced

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Shopping online is convenient, but it lacks the dimension of browsing in a brick-and-mortar store.

Organization, product selection, and ambiance are integral to your buying experience. But the best online sellers are upping their game to make your visit as gratifying as stopping by your favorite tea shop.

So, pour yourself a cup, and join me on a whirlwind tour of the ten best online tea stores.

11 Best Online Tea Stores Introduced

When you are shopping for tea online it’s sometimes hard to determine which stores to trust.

You definitely don’t want to waste your money on expired and stale tea or other poor-quality products.

I have chosen the top stores here based on my own experiences as well as talking to my tea-loving friends about ordering online. I will be continuously updating this list as I try new products from different brands.

Here are my criteria:

Quality: The most important criteria for selecting my recommended online tea stores is quality. The teas should only contain freshly sourced, high-quality ingredients, and the company should have rigorous quality control to ensure there are no impurities or contaminants.

Selection: Despite offering quality products, not all online tea stores have all of the varieties you might be looking for. This guide includes shops that specialize in various types of products ranging from single estate teas and herbal blends to high-quality teaware.

Values: I prefer choosing sustainably produced teas and following the principles of organic farming is always a plus. It’s also important that the farmers and employees in third world countries are well taken care of.

Art of Tea – Gourmet Teas & Gifts

art of tea

Art of Tea offers one-stop shopping for tea, teaware, and gifts. Founded by Master Tea Blender, Steve Schwartz, they custom-craft the finest in certified organic blends from black tea to matcha, emphasizing flavor and health-promoting nutrition. Your wellness is their mission.

Shop by tea type, caffeine content, flavor, or origin — the selection is enormous. Each product is photographed in brilliant color and clearly labeled with expert descriptions and tasting notes.

And if you are looking for tea bags without plastic, then Art of Tea is one of the best choices.

Take a look at this “behind the scenes” video and see what makes Art of Tea so special:

Behind the Scenes at Art of Tea

Easy on the eyes, the website is a breeze to navigate with no annoying pop-ups or visual clutter — navigating between pages is straightforward.

The Art of Tea website also has an educational blog that is extensive and informative. Take their tea quiz to identify new flavors you’ll enjoy.

The teaware selection is limited but exquisite with a minimalist vibe, and gifts are equally sophisticated. Sign up for their LoyalTea rewards club and enjoy even more perks on top of their reasonable prices.

If you are a new customer, make sure to use coupon code “YERBAMATE” in the Art of Tea online store to get a $10 discount on orders over $50.

You can read my full review of Art of Tea for more information about the company.

Next, I will introduce another excellent brand, which also has completely plastic-free tea bags.

Buddha Teas – Organic and Sustainable

buddha teas

Buddha Teas specializes in organic and wildcrafted herbal teas packaged in healthy and sustainable ways. Minimally processed, you can count on their purity.

The landing page is well-organized and approachable, so you can get right down to business. Teas are loosely categorized by type. For wellness enthusiasts, they sell the root, seed, flower, and Chakra blends you’ll find nowhere else. Choose from bagged or loose leaf teas.

Product descriptions cover health benefits, caffeine content, brewing suggestions, and more. Pricing is fully transparent and includes price breaks at three and six boxes.

If you’re new to tea, Buddha Teas makes it easy to learn about special blends and find what you’re looking for without scanning reviews or resorting to the FAQ page.

Vahdam – Fresh from India


Vahdam is renowned for its world-class Indian teas, including spicy Chais, single estate Darjeeling teas, and latte mixes blended with turmeric. Sourced from the finest farms and packed at the source for freshness, the emphasis is on peak flavor.

Search products by type, variety, or price. Descriptions include sweetness, caffeine level, health benefits, and flavor notes. Photos show exactly what you’ll receive from the packaging to the product — we like that.

The teaware selection is surprisingly small, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find more gift options. There’s something for every occasion.

The site is cumbersome to navigate at first because of the sheer number of products, but don’t give up. Once you get a feel for it, finding what you need is straightforward. The quality and selection are worth the effort.

Teabloom – Teapots, Tumblers & Blooming Teas


Teabloom sells the best in quality teas, plus blooming tea and the glass teaware that makes it shine. Prepare yourself for a unique shopping experience.

If you’re not familiar with blooming tea, it’s tea made from whole flowers. As beautiful as it is delicious, it’s something many tea lovers haven’t tried.

You’ll get the full effect when you visit the website. Brimming with visual appeal, the storefront showcases their top products. You get a sense of the color and flavors you can expect and how to make the most of them with their crystal-clear glass infuser teapots, cups, and tumblers.

The site is simple yet elegant and impeccably organized. Shoppers can learn more about tea on their blog — Teatime Notes. Products include black, green, white, herbal, and oolong tea plus rare teas, iced teas, and organic selections, plus their blooming tea flowers.

Their all-occasion tea gift offerings are extraordinary with special attention given to the packaging and presentation. Shopping at Teabloom is a full sensory experience.

Note: Use coupon code “TEA10” to get a 10% discount on all orders from the Teabloom online store.

Japanese Green Tea Co – The Best that Japan Can Offer

Japanese Green Tea Co logo

Japanese Green Tea Company is dedicated to bringing you the best green teas imported directly from Arahataen Green Tea Farms in the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan.

Their green teas are cultivated in fertile soil following the traditional methods of farming. The company has also developed a special deep steaming technology for better taste and enhanced health benefits.

The online store has a large selection of various types of green teas, matcha teas and sets, as well as teaware and gift sets. Kei Nishida, the founder and CEO of the company, is also a writer and you can order his books from the online store.

As proof of their excellency, Japanese Green Tea Co has won several awards in the Global Tea Championships.

Kei also has an online coffee store called Japanese Coffee Co.

Teabox – Organic Indian Tea


Committed to the environment, Teabox demonstrates that quality and sustainability are compatible. By changing the way they purchase tea, farmers benefit and consumers get a fresher product. The model is revolutionizing how tea goes from field to table.

Specializing in Indian blends, they offer top varieties from every region, including Assam and Darjeeling, plus green teas with distinctive flavor profiles. One sip of their Kashmiri Kahwa Saffron blend, and you’ll be back. Their highly-rated organic chamomile, jasmine tea, and Chais are perennial customer favorites.

Narrow your product search by type, flush, packing, cultivar or estate. Photos show the tea and packaging. Navigation is simple, and the product descriptions are comprehensive.

Round out your purchase with their fine teaware or a gift for a friend. The selection is small but reflects their dedication to quality. If you’re not sure where to start, try an economical sampler pack — you won’t be disappointed.

Teavivre – Best Chinese Teas & Teaware


Look no further than Teavivre for award-winning Chinese tea and teaware.

Both a retailer and wholesaler, the landing page is lackluster, but don’t be fooled. They sell some of the rarest and finest teas direct from China. Varieties include black, white, oolong, yellow, and Pu-erh plus herbal and flowering teas. Choose from loose-leaf or bagged, many with organic versions.

Browsing the teaware and gift sections is a treat. It’s more like wandering through an antique shop than a tea store.

Few vendors sell these authentic, boutique-quality tea sets and accessories for a surprisingly modest price. Beware, however, that shipping from China takes up to 60 days for some items, so order early for the holidays.

The Tea Spot – High Quality Teas & Blends

the tea spot

Stores like The Tea Spot are remaking tea into a modern cultural phenomenon. Geared for the newest generation of fans, they satisfy a yearning for fun and wellness.

You’ll notice the difference in the presentation on the landing page. You can hop straight to the tea section or narrow your search by character, caffeine level, and function. Want a fruity, decaffeinated dessert tea? No problem.

The teaware is practical and non-pretentious. Gift sets are categorized by price and interest — as long as you know the recipient, you don’t need to know anything about tea.

The Tea Spot offers loose-leaf, sachets, iced teas, and samplers, all in colorful, premium packaging. Product descriptions include vibrant photos of the tea before and after brewing plus flavor notes and lifestyle-friendly dietary information. Package sizes range from a sample for a few dollars to bulk packs of 1lb. or 50 sachets for competitive prices.

If you’re new to tea, this is your store!

Matcha Source – The Best Matcha You Can Find Online

matcha source

The people at Matcha Source are as passionate about health as you are. From the quality of their teas to their education efforts, they take pride in the art of matcha. It’s all they sell.

Teas are limited but are the best of the best. Made from the highest-grade, stoneground leaves, they’re rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and amino acids. Sold by grade, they offer classic and ceremonial matcha for tea and cafe-grade powder for blending into lattes and smoothies. Save up to 10-percent by buying in bulk or bundles.

Teaware from whisks to bowls are premium grade but fairly priced. Their Focus gift sets are complete and contain everything necessary for the full Matcha experience, including expert guidance on preparation.

Whether you are a seasoned matcha veteran or a first-timer, shopping at Matcha Source should be the next step on your journey.

Pique Tea – Unique Tea Crystals


Pique Tea is a shop where science and tradition meet. There are no tea leaves sold here, only matcha, supplements, and their claim to fame, tea crystals.

Co-founded by Harvard graduate, Simon Cheng, after a years-long battle with poor health, Pique’s mission is healing through advanced nutrition. They begin with the purest USDA organic tea leaves. Triple-screened for purity, they’re expertly dehydrated and crystallized to preserve delicate phytonutrients.

Convenient and delicious, just add them to hot or cold water and enjoy. Green, black and herbal versions support better digestion, mood, immunity, and skin health. Customers call Pique’s Matcha Beauty Bundle “magic in a glass.”

All formulas are doctor-approved, and Pique is transparent about the science. Selection is limited to about 40 products, each with a nutritional purpose. Prices reflect the quality of the ingredients with significant discounts for buying in multi-packs.

Palais des Thés – For the Connoisseurs

Palais des Thés

Palais des Thés, or Palace of Tea, boasts more products than you could try in a lifetime. Located in the heart of France with boutiques and tea schools worldwide, they supply the finest hotels and restaurants across Europe. Fit for royalty, the quality is unsurpassed.

Search teas by type, estate, season, or country of origin. From black to white and green to rooibos, there’s virtually no tea they don’t carry. Matcha, fruit-flavored blends, herbal infusions, and caffeine-free varieties are just the tip of the iceberg.

They also offer a stunning selection of teaware from sommelier sets to traditional Kyusu pots from Japan. A cut above the usual offerings, the gift collection appeals to a broad range of preferences. Beyond tea and teaware, they stock accessories, decorative storage tins, books and more.

The website is intuitive, organized and informational with a professionally written blog that educates and entertains. Palais Des Thés is the connoisseur’s resource for all things tea.

Final Thoughts on Best Online Tea Stores

Tea is an adventure that begins with a single cup. But there’s a world of flavors to explore if you know where to find them.

With these ten stores to choose from, you can begin your journey here!

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