Best Tea Gift Sets and Baskets

Best Tea Gift Sets and Baskets for All Occasions

Don’t disappoint the tea lover in your life with another tie. Whether they’re budding enthusiasts or connoisseurs, what they crave is another cup. So, celebrate a birthday, share a get-well wish, or give someone a well-deserved thank-you with the gift of tea! From familiar favorites to exciting unique varieties, one of our recommended tea gift … Read more

Can You Smoke Tea

Can You Smoke Tea? Lets find out!

When is first stumbled upon the topic of smoking tea, I thought “this must be a joke!” Why would anybody want to smoke tea? That sounds like something that kids would do because they don’t have any cigarettes or weed, but want to experiment with something. But when you start thinking about it more, it’s … Read more

Teas That Won't Stain Teeth

4 Healthy Teas That Won’t Stain Your Teeth

As a tea lover, you probably don’t like the way that teas might stain your teeth. Yes, a love for strong, dark tea can lead to a mouth full of yellowish teeth if you’re not careful about your habits. While tea staining is often subtle, regular tea drinking can cause discoloration over time. Luckily, there … Read more

is tea acidic or alkaline

Is Tea Acidic or Alkaline – Here Are the Facts!

Tea time is synonymous with flavor, relaxation, and good health. Research shows that the antioxidants found in teas help to neutralize free radicals linked with aging and disease. Many teas are also associated with benefits like faster wound healing and stable blood pressure. So it’s easy to see why tea is considered a “super drink” … Read more

How to Store Tea

How to Store Loose Leaf Tea the Right Way

Many people assume that tea can’t go bad because it’s not a “food.” Others believe that tea can stay fresh indefinitely because it’s a dry good. But the truth is a bit complicated. While most teas do have long shelf lives, no tea is immortal. It is true that people in places like China and … Read more

How Much Caffeine in Decaf Tea

How Much Caffeine Is in Decaf Tea?

Tea time doesn’t have to leave you all wound up even if you don’t want to ingest any caffeine. Tea drinkers have many great options for decaffeinated tea that won’t make them feel like they’re sacrificing the authentic “cuppa” experience. However, people who are serious about avoiding caffeine many have questions about just how much … Read more

sun tea in a jar

How to Make Sun Tea in a Jar or Pitcher

Try this old-school way of making delicious iced tea without boiling water. All you need is tea, water, a glass container, and some ice. A refreshing and healthy drink, sun tea should be always prepared carefully with proper hygiene. Otherwise, you might end up with a drink contaminated with bacteria. Read this guide to learn … Read more