Does Iced Tea Have Caffeine

Does Iced Tea Have Caffeine? How Much?

Is iced tea the best choice if you want a refreshing brewed drink without caffeine? While it doesn’t have as much caffeine as iced coffee, there’s a good chance that the summertime elixir in your cup has at least some. The reason why, is because most iced teas are made using black tea that naturally … Read more

Starbucks peach drinks

10 Refreshing Starbucks Peach Drinks You Should Try!

The thoughts of many people turn to peaches on a sunny day. Those sweet and luscious fruits with soft skin and a pleasant aroma. While most people envision dark roasts when they think of Starbucks, the truth is that their menu is full of caffeinated and decaffeinated peach sensations to keep you feeling energized and … Read more

best Starbucks tea

10 Best Starbucks Tea Drinks – Hot and Iced!

Does your mind ever go blank when the barista behind the counter at Starbucks asks you what you want? It’s hard to know what to order from the Starbucks menu when you’re not exactly sure what’s in Starbucks drinks. Tea lovers actually have a lot to be excited about when visiting Starbucks. The menu is … Read more

appetite suppressant teas

Try These 6 Natural Appetite Suppressant Teas!

Watching your weight in a food-abundant world is a challenge — we need an edge. Pounding down energy drinks is one way to lose weight without eating, but like sugary snacks, they send you soaring and then crashing. It’s unhealthy. Instead, why not try a natural and healthy option like one of the appetite suppressant … Read more

Does Tea Make You Poop

Does Tea Make You Poop? -Explained in Detail!

I rarely suffer from constipation. On the contrary, I have loose bowel movements quite often. So it makes sense to avoid consuming too much drinks or foods that have laxative effects. However, I know there are many people who don’t mind a little help with dropping a deuce. We all know that drinking a cup … Read more

plastic free tea bags

Best Plastic Free Tea Bags in 2022 – Safe, Sustainable and Compostable!

Tea bags are the last place you’d expect to find plastic, but did you know that most of them contain polypropylene or nylon? This dirty secret was exposed by the BBC in 2017, and since then, manufacturers are doing an about-face. Health-conscious consumers worried about the environment are demanding change, and the industry is responding. … Read more

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Raw Wildflower Honey – Amazing Benefits and Taste!

The world is going wild for wildflower honey. There’s simply no replicating the taste of nature’s sweetness when it comes to thick, delicious wildflower honey. What is it that makes this golden gush of nature so different from anything else you can add to your tea, yogurt, or dessert plates? Get the scoop on the … Read more

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Best Online Tea Stores in 2022 Introduced

Shopping online is convenient, but it lacks the dimension of browsing in a brick-and-mortar store. Organization, product selection, and ambiance are integral to your buying experience. But the best online sellers are upping their game to make your visit as gratifying as stopping by your favorite tea shop. So, pour yourself a cup, and join … Read more

English vs Irish vs Scottish Breakfast Tea

English vs Irish vs Scottish Breakfast Tea – What’s the Difference?

Tea is enjoyed around the world and comes in many forms from Indian chai to Japanese matcha. Breakfast blends originate from Europe and are now popular everywhere. A morning tradition across the United Kingdom, the term “breakfast tea” describes a robust brew crafted from the finest black tea leaves. While English, Scottish, and Irish breakfast … Read more