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Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Bubble Tea Menu – Best Seller Drinks

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Well-known in South-East Asia, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is the latest global beverage franchise dotting US cities.

The new kid in town, they offer the best in bubble tea plus award-winning milk teas, creamy fruit smoothies, frozen treats, and more. Laser-focused on freshness, their extensive menu is a welcomed relief from the ordinary.

The only question for first-timers is where to begin?

So, take a fan’s advice and start with one of the 10 bestsellers introduced in this guide. I will also let you in on what makes this milk tea franchise so special.

All About CoCo Milk Tea

Although new in the US market, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has been around for a while. The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022.

Founded in Taiwan in 1997, its North American expansion plan is part of a year-long celebration. A leading boba tea brand in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada, they now have a dozen locations in the US and growing.

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Coco fresh tea & juice store opening in US
Many new CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice stores are opening in the US

In a market saturated with copycat coffee shops, an upstart tea and smoothie store is just what America needs.

If the CoCo Fresh story sounds familiar, you’re not wrong. More than one international drink franchise is capitalizing on Americans’ fascination with bubble tea.

But what makes CoCo Fresh unique is its creative menu of fresh tea and fruit-based beverages. Each is made to order from ethically sourced ingredients obtained locally whenever possible for maximum flavor.

Coco bubble tea drinks
CoCo menu has a wide selection of drinks from bubble teas to smoothies

Globally recognized for their contributions to the beverage industry, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice scored a World Branding Award three years in a row. An honor based on the brand’s financial success and public voting, it reflects consumer confidence.

With more than 4500 stores and counting, they’ve found the recipe for success.

CoCo Menu Explained – Bubble Tea and More!

The CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice menu features six distinct beverage types — fresh milk, milk tea, fruit tea, slushes, smoothies and Yakult.

Flavor combinations vary based on the market and season, and drinks can be customized.

Here’s what you can find on the CoCo menu:

Milk teas contain green, black, or roasted tea paired with CoCo’s famous non-dairy creamer and add-ons of your choice from tapioca and taro to red beans and aloe.

Fresh milk beverages are flavored non-dairy lattes. Made with Lactaid milk, they’re lactose-free.

Fruit tea is freshly brewed green or black tea flavored with fruit concentrate and a squeeze of seasonal fruit, from berry and mango to lemon, passion fruit, or winter melon.

Slushes are blended drinks made with fresh fruit and ice — a sophisticated version of the cool, summertime treat you craved as a kid. A splash of non-dairy milk turns slushes into velvety smoothies.

Yakult, a sweetened, probiotic milk popularized in Japan, is the delicious and healthy focal point of a full line of Coco Fresh cold beverages. If you’re lactose-intolerant, fermented milk contains beneficial bacteria and enzymes that may help you digest it symptom-free.

You’ll also enjoy a vibrant seasonal menu that makes the most of local fruits, cultural preferences, and inspirations from the testers at CoCo headquarters in Taiwan.

I urge you to give regional favorites a try whenever you’re abroad. But their bestsellers are similar in most stores.

Check out this video for a quick intro to their milk tea menu:

Milk Tea Explained (CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice Hobart)

Top 10 CoCo Best Sellers & Favorites

Below are my recommended best sellers from CoCo menu in the US. The selection and names of drinks might be a bit different in other locations.

1. Signature Bubble Tea

Fresh Signature Bubble Tea is a simple milk tea packed with sweet and chewy tapioca. CoCo Fresh makes their own every three hours to guarantee a just-right texture.

2. Three Guys Milk Tea

Three Guys Milk Tea is CoCo’s signature milk tea with tapioca bubbles, pudding, and grass jelly.

The herbal bite of the grass jelly is the perfect foil for the custardy pudding. This drink is hearty enough to be a meal!

3. Bubble Gaga

Bubble Gaga is a blend of passion fruit and green tea with tapioca and coconut jelly.

If you like the tropical vibe of Pina Coladas, Bubble Gaga is your cup of tea.

4. Thai Bubble Tea

CoCo’s Thai Bubble Tea is brewed with authentic Thai tea.

Thoughtfully blended with sweetened condensed milk, it’s topped with tapioca for a genuine bubble tea experience.

5. Lava Pearl Matcha Latte

Sugar-coated tapioca and fresh milk collide in a matcha blend best described as volcanic.

If you’re on the fence about matcha, the dairy sweetness smooths out the rough edges.

6. Mango Smoothie

CoCo’s mango smoothie is a beach-ready treat. The fresh mango flavor shines in every sip.

Made with Yakult, it contains dairy but is easy to digest.

7. QQ Milk Tea

QQ Milk Tea is an adventure in a cup!

CoCo’s signature milk tea packed with sweet potato and Taro root bubbles — it has an earthy flavor with loads of natural sweetness. Available hot or cold, try it for breakfast.

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8. Peach Kefir

CoCo’s Peach series drinks take the heat out of a hot summer day.

The kefir version is a blend of fermented yogurt and ice topped with real peaches for an unforgettable flavor.

9. Lava Pearl Jasmine Milk Tea

If you’re in the mood for something sweet and savory, CoCo’s Lava Pearl Jasmine Milk Tea combines the fragrance of jasmine with sugar-coated tapioca bubbles.

It’s a tasty mid-day pick-me-up or lunch on the run.

10. Lemon Black Tea

Lemon fans, rejoice!

CoCo’s Lemon Black Tea has many benefits and packs more than the average citrus essence.

Infused with fresh-squeezed lemon juice and topped with sliced lemon, it’s proof that good things come in simple packages.

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How to Order at CoCo Milk Tea

When you’re in-store or online, here’s how to order at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice:

1. Pick Your Drink

Select a fruit, milk, or tea-based drink. The base is the most crucial choice because you’ll customize the topping and sweetness level.

2. Add or Subtract Toppings

CoCo’s drink testers have created some of the most intriguing drinks in the beverage industry.

But you can add and subtract toppings to make a new favorite. Or opt for Cloud — a layer of salted cream so rich you’ll think they’re personally milking the cows.

3. Select a Temperature and Amount of Ice

Most CoCo beverages are available hot or iced at your choice of five temperature and ice levels — piping hot, warm, no ice, less ice, standard ice, and extra ice.

Toppings like jelly, however, are heat sensitive so some drinks are only available iced.

Not all choices are matches made in heaven, so CoCo’s knowledgeable servers will help guide your selections.

4. Choose Sweetness Level

CoCo offers five sweetness levels — 0%, 30%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

As a guideline, think of no sugar as 0% and two sugars as 50%. The sweetness scale is standardized by corporate testers, so your experience should be the same from store to store.

Still, some beverages, like Thai Milk Tea, contain presweetened ingredients or naturally sweet fruit, so adjusting the sweetness level can be tricky.

I recommend going up or down one level at a time until you reach Nirvana.

One Last Sip of Coco Bubble Tea

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is breathing new life into a tired drink market.

With exotic flavors and reimagined classics made with fresh ingredients, you will be positively surprised by their delicious drinks.

Even some big players are attempting to renew, Starbucks boba tea being a good example. But that ain’t the real thing.

So if you’re over the same-old fix, it’s time for CoCo Fresh!

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Coco Bubble Tea Best Seller Drinks

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