Herbal Teas to Boost Immunity

5 Best Herbal Teas for Your Immune System

For thousands of years, herbal teas have been used in traditional medicine to improve immunity against illnesses. More recently the effectiveness of these natural remedies has been backed up by research. With an increasing amount of highly contagious viruses, such as COVID-19, having a healthy and effective immune defense is super important. Read this article … Read more

iced herbal tea recipes

5 Refreshing Iced Herbal Tea Recipes for Summer

Need some refreshment for a hot summer day? It’s time to ditch those store-bought iced teas full of sugar and artificial ingredients. A much better option is to make your own revitalizing drink with fresh ingredients. Here are my favorite iced herbal tea recipes for summer. These healthy and refreshing drinks are sure to cool … Read more

Best Herbal Teas for Arthritis

5 Best Herbal Teas for Arthritis and Gout – Use These Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Arthritis is a very painful and potentially disabling disease or disorder that affects millions men, women, and children. If you are suffering from arthritis, it can make your life much harder and limit the activities you can do. I wrote this article to explain what is arthritis and how you can relieve its symptoms with … Read more

Licorice Root Tea Health Benefits

Licorice Root Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects

Most people are familiar with licorice because it is used commonly as a flavoring for candies. Licorice root can also be used to brew a naturally sweet tea with many health benefits. Continue reading and learn more about this delicious herbal beverage that has been used as a natural remedy for centuries. What is Licorice … Read more