tea without caffeine

8 Healthy Caffeine-Free Teas – Try These Herbal Infusions!

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee is a popular way to get an energy boost in the morning or in the middle of a tiring workday. But what if you want to drink a cup before going to bed? Relaxing tea without caffeine would be nice. Right? So why not go for some healthy … Read more

Black Tea Caffeine Content

Black Tea Caffeine Content – How Much Caffeine Is in One Cup?

Black tea is one of the most popular drinks around the globe. In addition to having a pleasant and smooth taste, it’s a great refreshment that gives you extra energy. It is often thought that black tea has more caffeine compared to other teas. But is it true? How much caffeine does black tea really … Read more

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Which Tea Has the Most Caffeine – Try One These High Caffeine Teas!

Different types of teas and herbal infusions can provide a healthy way to increase your energy levels. And all of us need a boost sometimes! Whether you are looking for something to get you started in the morning or want to get that extra kick to exercise and burn fat more efficiently, there are many … Read more

white tea caffeine content

White Tea Caffeine Content – Here Are the Facts

For centuries, tea has been an important part of cultures around the world. From growing to picking and from brewing to drinking, entire countries have experienced it in one way or another. Thanks to the many varieties of tea available for consumption, there is always something new to try and experiment with. The act of … Read more

white tea vs green tea

White Tea vs Green Tea – Taste, Caffeine, and Benefits

White and green tea are two distinct types of delicious-tasting beverages made from the same plant called Camellia sinensis (tea plant). Both contain antioxidants and other compounds that promote health, as well as caffeine, that increases our energy levels. But when it comes to comparing white vs green tea, which one takes the prize? It … Read more

yerba mate caffeine content

Yerba Mate Caffeine Content – Surprizing Facts!

Have you ever wondered how much caffeine is in yerba mate? Or how it compares to coffee and tea? Yerba mate tea is a drink traditionally consumed in South America. Nowadays it’s becoming more popular all over the world because of its refreshing taste and energizing effect. Many people are also switching from drinking coffee … Read more