jasmine milk tea recipe

Jasmine Milk Tea and Boba Tea Recipe

Jasmine milk tea is something that I tried for the first time only a few months ago. I had been drinking jasmine green tea many times before but adding some milk and honey really took this beverage to a new dimension! I started experimenting with different versions, and now I want to share my favorite … Read more

Thai lemongrass tea recipe

Authentic Thai Lemongrass Tea Recipe (Hot, Iced Tea & Cocktail)

Iced lemongrass tea is a popular drink in Thailand and there are many ways to make it. Here is my favorite one. Try this iced Thai lemongrass tea recipe and feel refreshed during a hot summer day! This recipe also includes pandan leaves, ginger, and mint leaves. It is super healthy and if you live … Read more

iced herbal tea recipes

5 Refreshing Iced Herbal Tea Recipes for This Summer

Need some refreshment for a hot summer day? It’s time to ditch those store-bought iced teas full of sugar and artificial ingredients. A much better option is to make your own revitalizing drink with fresh ingredients. Here are my favorite iced herbal tea recipes for summer. These healthy and refreshing drinks are sure to cool … Read more

How to Make Golden Milk Turmeric Tea – Masala Haldi Doodh

Maybe you have heard about a healthy drink called golden milk, or haldi doodh in Hindi. Perhaps even tried it. And now you want to learn how to make it at home? Yes, this is the right place, let’s start! Try this golden milk recipe and feel its health-improving effects. Or just enjoy the delicious … Read more

Terere Recipe Iced Yerba Mate

Tereré Recipe – Iced Yerba Mate Drink from Paraguay

What is your favorite drink during a hot summer day? A soda, a cold beer, or maybe a mojito? Those are all great options, but maybe you want to try something new. Something that is healthy and energizing. Well, I’ve got just the right thing for you. Read this article and learn how to make … Read more

How to Make Hibiscus Tea

How to Make Hibiscus Tea – Try These Recipes!

Hibiscus is an amazingly beautiful flowering plant native to North Africa and Southeast Asia. The tea brewed from its flower petals is a tasty beverage with tart and sweet floral flavors, and it can be served hot or iced. Read this guide and learn how to make hot hibiscus tea at home. I’ll also give … Read more

Masala Chai Recipe

Authentic Masala Chai Recipe – Spiced Indian Milk Tea

Indian masala chai is a delicious and sweet beverage made with milk, black tea, and several spices. Here is an authentic chai recipe that you should definitely try. Most coffee shops serve some type of chai, usually labeled as “Chai Latte” on their menu. Many of us have tried it, but it is still not … Read more

traditional moroccan mint tea

Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea: Try This Authentic Recipe!

Authentic Moroccan mint tea made with fresh nana mint (spearmint) and Chinese gunpowder tea is a deliciously sweet and refreshing beverage. In Morocco, it’s an important part of the culture and social life, and it has become common throughout North Africa. So go ahead, read this guide, and try my recipe for traditional Moroccan mint … Read more

fresh ginger root tea with lemon mint and honey

Fresh Ginger Tea Recipe – Prepare it From the Beginning!

A hot cup of ginger tea made with fresh ginger root is not only tasty, but it is also healthy and a good relief for a cough, colds, and flu. Ginger is known to be one of the healthiest plants on earth, and the nice thing is that it’s also delicious. Read this article and … Read more

5 Refreshing Yerba Mate Tea Recipes

5 Refreshing Yerba Mate Tea Recipes

Yerba mate is a healthy and energizing drink as it is, but you can also use it in combination with other ingredients. I will introduce some of my favorite yerba mate recipes in this article. If you want to experiment with different flavors and textures, you are in the right place. Keep on reading and … Read more