Our Editorial Process and How We Review Products

Here at Yerba Mate Culture, we share information about different types of teas and herbal remedies. We also review teas and products related to preparing tea.

We fully understand our responsibility for providing truthful information to our readers. It’s essential to use safe products that promote your wellness and do not contain unsafe or toxic ingredients or materials.

This is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when posting guides, conducting reviews, and making recommendations.

Here you can find information on how we provide our readers with honest and trustworthy information.

How We Conduct Our Reviews:

1. Test Products & Study Available User Reviews

We use a combination of testing products and studying reviews of other users to determine how good a product is.

This gives a good overall perspective on the quality of a product. For example, several negative reviews that complain about molds in a product will affect our review, even if our product didn’t have this problem.

2. Compare Research Data & Marketing Claims

Many brands have wildly inaccurate marketing claims about their products. For example, products are often described as having health benefits without any research to back the claim.

We will always check for scientific research and compare it with the marketing claims to give you a realistic view of the product’s benefits and effectiveness.

3. Check for Regulatory Authorities’ Approvals, Certifications and Warnings

Tea is regulated by the FDA as either a food, drug, or dietary supplement, depending on how it is marketed and labeled.

We frequently check the FDA database for warnings such as the one below:

FDA warning tapee tea

In our reviews, we also check for certifications such as the USDA Organic and take them into consideration.

4. Consider Product Pricing & Target Market

We always consider what is the target market and category of the product, and does it provide value for money.

A more affordable product can not be directly compared to a premium product. We understand that tea is for all kinds of people from beginners looking for inexpensive products to connoisseurs looking for the absolute best.

What We Don’t Do:

1. We Don’t Accept Sponsorship Fees

We never accept sponsorship fees that would affect our reviews in any way. We refuse all such offers and take pride in providing honest and unbiased reviews.

2. We Don’t Publish Reviews or Guides Without Thorough Research

All our articles are based on thorough research and we don’t recommend products lightly.