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AeroGarden Farm XL and Plus Models Reviewed – Large and Advanced

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AeroGarden makes affordable indoor growing systems for every home and budget. Famous for their tabletop gardens, the FarmXL and Plus models are their biggest and most advanced yet.

Stackable, they boast features found only in commercial greenhouses for explosive harvests. Geared for anyone from beginners to pros, these indoor growing systems provide everything growing plants need from water to light in a single, convenient unit.

Let’s take a closer look at how AeroGarden Farm hydroponic systems work and how each model stacks up.

AeroGarden Farm – The Largest AeroGarden

AeroGarden Farms are hydroponic growing systems — plants grow in water and liquid nutrients instead of messy soil.

Self-contained, they create an ideal indoor ecosystem, delivering the perfect amount of water, fertilizer, and light for vigorous growth.

Larger than the original AeroGardens, the Farm models come in three versions — Basic, Plus, and XL. Each features one or two grow bowls and holds 12 to 24 plants — mix and match them to create a living wall of green.

AeroGarden Farm 24XL
AeroGarden Farm 24XL is the largest model available

If you want something smaller, read our guide that includes reviews of AeroGarden systems of all sizes.

Seedpods and Nutrients

Growing with the AeroGarden Farm is hassle-free.

Non-GMO seeds come pre-planted in pods with a patented grow sponge that helps nourish new roots — varieties are chosen for their ability to thrive indoors.

Made of recyclable, food-safe plastic, each is labeled with the name and size of the plant and comes with a see-through dome to support germination. They’re guaranteed to grow.

Every Farm comes with a thoughtfully curated seedpod kit containing heirloom greens, herbs, and cherry tomatoes.

You’ll also receive two 3-ounce bottles of liquid nutrients — enough for several months.

AeroGarden Seed Pods
AeroGarden Seed Pods

LED Grow Lights

Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, and they get plenty of it with AeroGarden’s 60-watt, full-spectrum grow lights.

Single-bowl systems have one lamp — dual-bowl Farms have two. Each operates independently, so you can adjust conditions to meet the needs of different plants.

Efficient, they cost just pennies per day to operate.

Easy to Use

AeroGarden Farms make growing simple and convenient.

Put the pods in the base, add water and nutrients, and plug it in — plants germinate in 7-14 days and are ready to harvest in 4-6 weeks.

Some varieties keep producing for 6 months or more.

Features include a light timer, vacation mode, and germination tracker. WiFi- and Alexa-enabled, you can monitor your garden and control its many functions from the touchscreen panel or with AeroGarden’s free app on any smart device.

The system reminds you when to refill the water reservoir and add fertilizer — it’s virtually foolproof.

Large Yields and Fast Growth

By optimizing every aspect of the growth cycle, AeroGarden Farms produce maximum yields:

  • Water: The whisper-quiet pump circulates water periodically, ensuring roots get vital oxygen.
  • Nutrients: Liquid nutrients are time-released — it’s impossible to fertilize plants too much or too little.
  • Light: Lighting is always perfect — it’s never cloudy on the AeroGarden Farm.

Plants grow larger and up to 5 times faster than with conventional growing methods, creating a lush vertical garden in weeks.

Safe and Durable

Farms are engineered for durability and safety. The sturdy steel frame won’t bow under the weight of your plants.

Use AeroGarden’s stacking kit to join two units — it contains brackets for safely securing them against the wall.

Bowls are made of lightweight, food-safe plastic guaranteed not to leak or leach chemicals into the water.

The long-lasting LED grow lights emit zero UV radiation, and they run cool, so they’re safe to use when you’re not home. Bulbs last up to five years and are replaceable.

4 AeroGarden Farm Models Reviewed

All AeroGarden’s Farms share the same advanced features — the only practical difference between them is their size. The choice boils down to what you want to grow.

Next, we will talk about how form meets function in each of these 4 top models.

AeroGarden Farm 24XL Review

The 24XL is AeroGarden’s largest and most versatile Farm. Let’s see what it’s made of.

The Farm24XL measures 14 x 36 x 45.5 inches. The rust-resistant frame is lightweight but sturdy and includes an adjustable, reinforced trellis system to support heavy plants.

Apple-, Android-, and Alexa-compatible, you can control the system from anywhere in your home with an Amazon Echo or handheld device. If you prefer a low-tech approach, the Farm is fully functional with or without Wi-Fi.

AeroGarden Farm 24XL


  • Number of Pods: 24
  • Grow Height: 36″
  • LED Wattage: 120 (2 x 60)
  • Seeds Included: Heirloom greens, herbs, and cherry tomatoes
  • Dimensions: 36″ x 14″ x 46″ (L x W x H)

Size and Yield

This model has two grow bowls and holds 24 seedpods, accommodating plants up to 36 inches tall.

Stack two units for a year-round wall of fresh flowers or vegetables. Designed for family-sized yields, harvests are limited only by your imagination.

Lights and Power Consumption

Dual 60-watt panels provide the full-spectrum light output plants crave. Raise or lower them with the touch of a button at different stages of growth.

Set your own on-off schedule, or let the Sunrise/Sunset feature brighten and dim the lights gradually to mimic the natural daylight cycle — it supports quick and robust germination. Bulbs are fully dimmable for when you don’t want light in the room.

The pump circulates water and nutrients for 60 minutes every 11 hours while the system is in germination mode for the first 14 days. In growth mode, it shifts to the cycle that best matches your plants.

The cost to operate the Farm varies based on usage and power rates — we estimate you’ll spend about $7.00 per month, the price of a pound of organic tomatoes.

Use and Maintenance

For pros, the FarmXL offers the first-class convenience. For beginners, it’s the ultimate in stress-free growing.

From seed selection to helpful gardening tips, the system manages most of the growing process for you. Add water and nutrients when prompted, and with a little TLC, the brownest thumb can be successful.


The Farm24XL is AeroGarden’s most flexible growing system. Two bowls hold the maximum number of seedpods, and lights extend to 36-inches, accommodating the greatest variety of plants.

You can raise almost anything short of corn, including full-sized varieties of tomatoes, bush cucumbers, peppers, beans, and more. This means you’re not limited to growing just herbs and lettuce — and harvests are huge.

If you want leafy greens for two, the Farm24XL might be overkill — we’d recommend the Farm 24Basic or a large countertop model, like the AeroGarden Bounty. But for raising the widest variety of fresh produce for yourself or a family, nothing does it better than the 24XL.

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus Review

The AeroGarden Farm 24Plus has the same smart features as the 24XL, from Wi-Fi compatibility and vacation mode to water and fertilizer reminders.

It holds 24 seedpods, but grow lights only extend two feet.

With this model, your plant selection is limited to shorter varieties. Yet, harvests can be as generous.

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus


  • Number of Pods: 24
  • Grow Height: 24″
  • LED Wattage: 120 (2 x 60)
  • Seeds Included: Heirloom greens, herbs, and cherry tomatoes
  • Dimensions: 36″ x 14″ x 33″ (L x W x H)

The electric pump and dual motorized lamps work on the same schedule as the Farm 24XL, so despite its smaller size, you’ll spend as much on operating it. But it’s better suited for petite gardeners or homes with low ceilings.

Measuring 14 × 36 × 33 inches, it has the same footprint as the XL Series, but two units stacked are just 5.5 feet tall. Two Farm 24XLs tower at 7.5 feet.

Larger than a countertop AeroGarden but lower-priced than the 24XL, the Farm 24Plus is the budget-friendly choice for growing consistent, family-sized harvests of crisp salad greens and dwarf varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and more.

AeroGarden Farm 24Basic Review

AeroGarden’s Farm 24Basic has the same sophisticated features as the 24XL and 24Plus in a lower-profile frame. At 14 x 36 x 22.5 inches, it fits anywhere, including the countertop.

If you want a large indoor garden but don’t want small children or pets to have easy access to it, the placement flexibility is invaluable.

AeroGarden Farm 24Basic


  • Number of Pods: 24
  • Grow Height: 12″
  • LED Wattage: 120 (2 x 60)
  • Seeds Included: Heirloom greens, herbs, and cherry tomatoes
  • Dimensions: 36″ x 14″ x 22.5″ (L x W x H)

Plant selection is limited by the lamps — they extend only 12 inches. But if you enjoy flowers, fresh greens, and grape tomatoes, it still holds 24 plants for amazing harvests.

With the same pump and lighting as AeroGarden’s larger models, the 24Basic costs as much to run. It’s a shame it doesn’t offer as many planting options.

But it’s also stackable, so you can mix and match it with XL and Plus Series farms when your needs change to create the garden of your dreams.

The Farm 24Basic is a practical choice for limited spaces and for beginners who want a garden they can grow into.

AeroGarden Farm 12XL Review

Tall but not wide, the Farm 12XL is geared for homes with more vertical than horizontal space. Measuring 20 x14 x 46 inches, it’s less than half the width of the 24XL, 24Plus, and 24Basic but with the same premium features.

Slim enough to fit in a hallway, you can turn any unused corner of your home into a productive green garden.

AeroGarden Farm 12XL


  • Number of Pods: 24
  • Grow Height: 36″
  • LED Wattage: 60
  • Seeds Included: Heirloom greens and herbs
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 14″ x 46″ (L x W x H)

Like other Farms, it’s stackable. The single bowl only holds 12 seedpods, but the lamp adjusts to a full 36 inches.

Grow juicy, sandwich-sized tomatoes or crispy cucumbers. The sky’s the limit — there are countless options on what you can raise.

Equipped with a single 60-watt grow light, the Farm 12XL cost less to operate than its larger cousins — we estimate $4.00 a month or less based on your power rates.

Considering the skyrocketing cost of fresh produce and the many health and wellness benefits of growing your own food, it’s an irresistible investment.

How to Use the AeroGarden Farm — A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Assemble the System

AeroGardens come complete with everything you need to get started, including a hex wrench — it’s the only tool you’ll need.

Select a level spot near a power outlet for installation, and review the assembly guide. It takes a few hours to put together.

Watch this helpful YouTube video from AeroGarden for additional information:

How to setup your AeroGarden Farm & Farm Plus

You can also call their customer service team if you need a hand — they’re thrilled to help.

2. Plant the Seedpods

Fill the grow bowls with tap water and add liquid nutrients as directed.

Place medium and tall plants in the back two rows and small to medium plants in the front to make pruning and harvesting easier.

Cover each seedpod with a grow dome — remove it when the leaves reach the top.

3. Program the System

AeroGardens are a breeze to program. We recommend using the Quick Plant function — it guides you step-by-step, helping you choose the best settings for the plants you want to grow.

Next, download the app and connect the Farm to your home Wi-Fi for palm-of-your-hand control.

4. Grow Your Garden

Once planted, the AeroGarden is nearly effortless to maintain. It cues you when to add water and nutrients.

The vacation mode automatically adjusts the light cycle to conserve water when you’re away. Growth won’t be quite as vigorous during that period, but you’ll never come home to brown plants.

5. Harvest

Harvesting can be the end of a plant or just the beginning depending on the variety.

Leaf lettuce and herbs can grow indefinitely if harvested early and often. Regular pruning encourages tomatoes, peppers, and beans to keep producing fruit.

First-time growers are often reluctant to cut their plants, but it’s necessary to trigger new growth. Follow the simple harvesting guide in the instructions.

6. Repeat

When plants are spent, beginning a new garden is as easy as sanitizing the bowls and inserting new pods.

Grow your favorites but don’t be afraid to try something new. If you also garden outdoors, Farms raise strong seedlings for transplantation.

AeroGarden Farm – Final Thoughts

Whether you want to grow 6 plants or 60, you’re in good hands with AeroGarden.

Millions of satisfied customers agree it’s the smart way to grow an indoor garden — and so do we.

If you are looking for a large AeroGarden, then pick something from the Farm family. Otherwise, you can go for a more compact tabletop model like AeroGarden Bounty.

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