AeroGarden Harvest Review

AeroGarden Harvest Models Reviewed – Standard, Elite, 360 and XL

Gardening is an art that not everyone has the space or time to master. Enter AeroGarden, the simple way to grow indoors without the hassle associated with traditional gardening. Enjoy fresh greens in winter and flowers year-round — you don’t need a green thumb to succeed with an AeroGarden. So, join us as we review … Read more

AeroGarden Bounty Basic Elite Artisan Review

AeroGarden Bounty Family Reviewed – Standard, Basic and Elite Models Compared

AeroGardens have come a long way since they were first introduced. AeroGrow built on its early success, continually innovating and improving hydroponic technology to make indoor gardening accessible to everyone regardless of space or skill level. The all-new Bounty, upgraded with smart features for 2022, is the latest in countertop models that fit anywhere and … Read more

AeroGarden Farm XL and Plus Reviews

AeroGarden Farm XL and Plus Models Reviewed – Large and Advanced

AeroGarden makes affordable indoor growing systems for every home and budget. Famous for their tabletop gardens, the FarmXL and Plus models are their biggest and most advanced yet. Stackable, they boast features found only in commercial greenhouses for explosive harvests. Geared for anyone from beginners to pros, these indoor growing systems provide everything growing plants … Read more

best AeroGarden reviewed and compared

Which AeroGarden is Best for You? Reviews & Comparison

AeroGardens are complete indoor growing systems. You may have seen them advertised on TV, lush with greens and cherry tomatoes, and wondered — are they too good to be true? Since 2005, AeroGardens have turned millions of brown thumbs green with satisfied customers from beginners to pros. Growing food is a thrill everyone deserves, so … Read more

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How to Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Garden

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Best Vertical Garden Kits for Herbs, Veggies, and Flowers

Live abundantly with a vertical garden. Cultivate plants year-round, indoors, on the patio, or outside in the backyard, with just a few square feet of space. Geared for beginners to green thumbs, here’s a closer look at the best vertical garden kits for herbs, veggies, and flowers. Let’s get growing! What’s Great About Vertical Garden … Read more