Best Hibiscus Tea Brands and Where to Buy Them

Hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant that can be used to make healthy and delicious tea. Whether you are looking for hibiscus in tea bags, in loose leaf form, or a blend of hibiscus and other ingredients, the finest products are introduced in this article.

Continue reading to find out what are the best hibiscus tea brands and where to buy them.

Hibiscus: Beautiful, Delicious, and Healthy

The flowers of hibiscus plants come in many colors are a real treat for the eye. Hibiscus tea is usually brewed from the calyces and/or petals of Hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as roselle. It is a popular drink in many different countries all over the world and is also commonly prepared as iced tea.

The tea brewed from hibiscus has a nice deep red color and a tart and floral taste. Sometimes I like to drink hibiscus tea as it is, but there are also many recipes to make it even tastier. Iced hibiscus tea with some lime and honey is truly a delicious and refreshing drink during a hot summer day. You can read more about hibiscus tea recipes in this article.

Hibiscus tea is known as a healthy beverage, that has been traditionally used as a treatment for high blood pressure. It has a high antioxidant content that can help with reducing oxidative stress that causes aging.

Research also indicates that hibiscus can help with lowering bad cholesterol, increasing good cholesterol, and losing weight. Furthermore, the polyphenols found in hibiscus have demonstrated potential in cancer prevention.

Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus Tea Bags

Tea bags provide an easy and convenient way of brewing a nice cup of hibiscus tea wherever you are. You only need hot water and a cup, and you’re ready to go. It is best to choose a product with unbleached tea bags to avoid any chemicals getting into your tea.

There are dozens of brands that have hibiscus tea bags in their selection of products. Below is the best one that I have tried.

Buddha Teas Organic Hibiscus Tea

Here is a very high-quality organic hibiscus tea that comes in a pack of 18 unbleached teabags. The only ingredient of this product is hibiscus, there are no additives. This hibiscus tea has a natural and smooth flavor!

Loose Leaf Hibiscus Tea

When you buy loose leaf hibiscus tea, you can buy it in bulk and you can also easily brew tea for a larger group of people with a kettle or a french press. You can also make your own herbal tea blend by blending the dried hibiscus flowers with other herbs.

I have come across a disturbing fact that, when buying loose leaf hibiscus tea, people sometimes find animal feces mixed with their product. This can be very disgusting and unhygienic. The companies that are making hibiscus tea should have strict quality control to detect if there is anything that doesn’t belong within the product.

Next, I will introduce the brand of loose leaf hibiscus, which offers a product that goes through strict quality control, and in my opinion, has the best and most consistent quality.

U.S. Wellness Naturals Organic Hibiscus Flowers Tea

U.S. Wellness Naturals’ hibiscus tea consists of 100% whole hibiscus flower petals sourced directly from Egypt. The flowers are grown in Faiyum Oasis where Egyptians have used and grown hibiscus for centuries.

You can also use these organic hibiscus flowers for cooking or in salads and jams. This product is of very high quality and has a certificate of origin, an Organic Certificate, FDA Registration, and it is also ISO 9001:2008 certified. This is the best loose leaf hibiscus tea that you can find!

Hibiscus Tea Blends

There are many interesting products where hibiscus has been blended with other ingredients. Here are the tastiest and healthiest blends available.

Tea Forte Wildberry Hibiscus Tea

Tea Forte Wildberry Hibiscus Tea is an excellent blend that consists of organic ingredients including hibiscus, apple pieces, licorice root, blackberry leaves, orange peel, raspberries, and rosehip.

This herbal tea has a nice and complex flavor with floral and fruity notes and tastes great hot and cold. If you are looking for an exquisite and delicious organic loose leaf hibiscus blend, try this one!

The Republic of Tea Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea

The Republic of Tea Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea comes in a nice airtight tin that contains 36 unbleached and stringless tea bags. The ingredients of this blend are hibiscus flower, sweet blackberry leaves, and stevia leaves.

This is a very healthy blend with a sweet floral taste.

JusTea Little Berry Hibiscus Tea

JusTea Little Berry Hibiscus Tea is made of 100% natural organic ingredients. The blend consists of hibiscus, black currant, cranberry, blueberry, elderberry, lemongrass, rooibos, and licorice root.

This tea has a fruity and delicious taste and it comes in an award-wining package that includes a nice handmade wooden spoon.

The Tao of Tea Hibiscus Ginger Tea

This blend is a mix of organic hibiscus flower petals and dried ginger. These two ingredients are some of the healthiest you can find. The sweet floral taste of hibiscus and spicy ginger flavor creates a nice combination.

Best Hibiscus Tea Brands

Now you can choose how you want your hibiscus tea. You can choose pure hibiscus in tea bags or as a loose leaf tea, and you can drink it as it is, or add some ingredients that you like. Or you can choose a ready-made blend of hibiscus, berries, and herbs or a mix of hibiscus and ginger.

No matter which one you prefer the best brands and products have been introduced in this article.

Best Hibiscus Tea Brands and Where to Buy Them

I hope that this article helped you with finding the kind of hibiscus tea products that you were looking for. Please post a comment below and share your opinion about the best hibiscus tea brands and products.

Stay healthy and enjoy your hibiscus tea!



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  1. Never thought about teas much, I have always drunk black teas. After reading your article I might purchase some of the Hibiscus Tea’s and try them for myself. As a WA community member, I look forward to reading more of your content in the near future. Thank you for the great read.

    • Thanks for commenting Lori!

      Nice to hear that you liked my post. Go ahead and try some hibiscus tea, and let me know how you liked it.


  2. Your article really makes me wish I liked tea! I’ve just never cared for the tea taste. I’ve tried all kinds, but I don’t even like the smell. Still, I really wish I could drink hibiscus tea. You made it sound so dreamy! I’ll have to see if my tea-drinking son would like to try any. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Hi Cathy,

      Great to hear that you liked reading my article. Since you don’t enjoy drinking tea, it would be great if you can recommend my article to your son or other people who like tea.


    • I am a tea hater, however, when in Bali I was served a refreshing drink upon arrival to a restaurant. I had no idea what it was. I found out it was Hibiscus tea. It was heavenly. It doesn’t have any tea leaves in it, so there is no smell or taste of regular tea. It taste more like a taste juice. Please try it for yourself.
      From a true tea hater

    • I am sure the hibiscus in Nigeria is very good. They also have very high-quality hibiscus in Egypt, and that’s where for example the U.S. Wellness Naturals hibiscus comes from.


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