Yogi Tea Kava Stress Relief Review – Is it Effective?

If you are looking for a good-tasting tea with a nice relaxing effect, this could be the right product for you. A blend of tasty herbs and kava root extract creates a combination that many people have found useful for calming down and relieving stress. Read my review of Yogi Tea Kava Stress Relief to find out more about this soothing herbal blend.

The world we live in is often very busy and demanding. As a consequence, an increasing number of people suffer from stress, anxiety, and sleeping problems. This has led to huge consumption of sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and other medicines that also have serious side effects and great potential for addiction.

Yogi’s stress relief tea with kava extract promises to offer a natural remedy for the problems described above. But is it really effective, and how does it taste? Can Yogi Kava Tea even make you high? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about this product.

Yogi Tea Kava Stress Relief Tea Bags

Yogi Kava Tea Ingredients

Yogi Kava tea is a mix of herbs with kava extract added for relaxing effect. The bitter and earthy taste of the kava root is quite unpleasant, and the purpose of the other ingredients is to create a more tasty and enjoyable beverage.

Kava Root Extract

Kava tree (Piper methysticum) is a small tree that is grown in the Pacific Islands. The roots of this plant have been traditionally used for making a drink that helps with relaxing and sleeping. The active ingredients of kava root are called kavalactones. The effect is sedative but not addictive and doesn’t affect your mental clarity. You could say that it gives you a kinda high but you are still sober.

Here is a great video about kava root and the traditional way to use it:

One tea bag of Yogi Tea Kava Stress Relief contains 78mg of kava root extract. This is not a very large dose, as many clinical trials are conducted with a daily dose of 300mg of kava extract. However, a study from 2014 found that a dosage as low as 50mg of kava extract, taken three times a day, was effective for treating anxiety.

When you brew the tea, not all of the kava extract will be dissolved into the water. We can assume that approximately 50mg of the extract will be dissolved in a cup of tea. This corresponds to the amount used in the study mentioned earlier.

Is the amount of kava root extract in a cup of Yogi kava tea enough to produce any effect? This depends on how sensitive you are to the kavalactones. If one cup is not enough, you can always drink two cups (or even three), or use two tea bags to brew your cup of tea. I will describe the effects I experienced with this product later in the article.

Kava trees
Kava trees

Other Ingredients

In addition to the kava root extract, this tea contains several other herbal ingredients. Each tea bag has about 2 grams of a herbal blend that includes organic herbs such as carob pod, sarsaparilla root, cinnamon bark, ginger, cardamom, and stevia. In addition, there are some natural flavorings and other ingredients.


The instructions on the package suggest to boil water and steep the tea bag for 7 minutes. I prepared it according to the instructions and the result was a cup of tea with a nice brownish color. I also used two spoons and squeezed the tea bag between them in order to extract all liquid from the tea bag and into the glass to maximize the strength of the tea.

Taste and Aroma

When I opened one of the individually packaged tea bags, I could smell a nice aroma of different spices. After brewing the tea, the steam evaporating from the cup creates a nice and relaxing scent that invites to taste it. I could taste the notes of licorice clearly, and the unpleasant bitterness of kava root is not strong at all. The various ingredients of this tea produce an infusion that has a delicious and a bit sweet taste.


After enjoying one cup of Yogi’s kava tea, I feel relaxed and a little bit sleepy. However, I can not tell if this is really because of the kava, or because I just had a nice cup of warm tea and it’s quite late in the evening.

The next day I tried drinking two cups of the kava tea. I brewed both cups with a separate tea bag, letting them steep for about 10 minutes before removing the bag. This time I clearly felt a relaxing and mildly sedative effect. When I went to bed, I fell asleep right away and had a nice and deep sleep until the morning.

Kava roots
Kava roots

As mentioned earlier, kava is often used in much higher dosages compared to what you can get out of one of these tea bags. The proper dosage really depends also on your goal. Do you want to feel a strong sedative, mouth-numbing, and even intoxicating effect? Or are you just looking for some stress relief and help with relaxing and falling asleep?

If you are looking for a strong effect, you would probably have to drink more than five cups of this tea. In this case, I would recommend buying a stronger kava product from Amazon instead of this tea. On the other hand, if your aim is to relax after a long workday and fall asleep without rolling in the bed for hours, Yogi’s kava tea might be just what you need.

Safety and Possible Side Effects

Kavalactones can be harmful to the liver if used continuously in high amounts. However, drinking a few cups of Yogi kava tea should not cause any problems, since the amount of kava extract is not very high. I would still advise against using this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, going to drive a car, or drinking alcohol.

Yogi Tea Kava Stress Relief Review Summary

To sum it up I can say that Yogi’s kava tea is a good tasting drink that can help you with relieving stress, relaxing, and falling asleep. For some people, it might not be strong enough, especially if you drink only one cup. For me, drinking one or two cups of this tea is enough for a nice calming effect that helps with loosening up after a long workday.

Girl drinking tea

If you are looking for a stronger kava experience, you can try one of these products available on Amazon:

  • Kava Kava 700mg Capsules: This is probably one of the best and most convenient kava products available. You can easily carry these capsules anywhere and just throw them in your mouth and wash it down with a glass of water. Also, you don’t get to taste anything.
  • Wakacon Kava Waka Powder: If you want your kava in a traditional powder form in a larger amount, this a good option.

Have you tried Yogi Tea Kava Stress Relief? Please comment below, and tell me how you liked it. Also, if you have any questions or other comments related to this product, go ahead and share them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and found all the information you were looking for.

Have a nice day and enjoy your cup of tea!



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Yogi Tea Kava Stress Relief Review


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  1. Hi Joonas, I have really enjoyed reading your article. I did participate in the Kava ceremony in a village in Fiji and it was all an experience. Fijians are lovely people. I dont think I had had enough Kava to feel the numbing effect they talk about but I am sure the locals do.
    I had no idea there exists kava tea and I know about the Yogi brand. I will buy a packet and use it when I cant fall asleep.
    Thanks for the info and I also liked the video.

    • Hi Marisa,

      Thanks for sharing your story about the kava ceremony, that must have been a great experience! Nice to hear that you liked my article.

      I thinks it’s a good idea to try Yogi’s kava tea if you can’t sleep. If one tea bag doesn’t work, just try using two bags for brewing a cup or drinking two cups during one evening.



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