La Rubia Yerba Mate Review – The Best Yerba Mate Brand!

La Rubia Yerba Mate Review – The Best Yerba Mate Brand!

I had heard that La Rubia is an excellent yerba mate from Paraguay, and I wanted to try it already for a long time. Now that I finally got to try it, I wanted to write a review of this yerba mate, that I think is the best brand available!

Maybe you have tried other Paraguayan mates like Pajarito. I can tell you from experience that mates coming from Paraguay are usually nice and smooth tasting, and they have a unique flavor. However, La Rubia is something different! Its taste is a bit different, and I would not put it in the same category as other mates from Paraguay.

La Rubia Yerba MateLa Rubia Yerba Mate Review: The Best Yerba Mate Brand

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  • Amount: 2.2 lbs (1 kilo)
  • Type: Organic
  • Taste: Smooth, Floral, Complex
  • Origin: Obligado, Paraguay
  • Recommended for: All materos, beginner and experienced


La Rubia yerba mate is produced in Paraguay by a family company run by Eugen Tischler. He seems to run his business in a very old-fashioned way since the company doesn’t even have a website. They are the only Paraguayan brand operating according to the quality standards of Instituto Nacional de Tecnología, Normalización y Metrología (INTN).


I wanted to include a separate section about the packaging of La Rubia because I really like it. The package has a purple color and features a blonde woman drawn in a style that reminds me of pin-up girls, and with a yerba mate leaf on the background. The brand name means “The Blonde” in Spanish, and it is printed in a nice font colored the same as the woman’s hair. This package is not your typical bag of yerba mate, but more like a piece of art in itself!

Production and Cut

La Rubia yerba mate is grown organically in small batches and it has been aged for two years. This yerba mate has a nice cut where the ratio of leaves, powder, and stems are well balanced. I would recommend a spoon bombilla to avoid the smaller particles coming through to your mouth.

La Rubia Yerba Mate Cut: The Best Yerba Mate Brand

Aroma, Taste, and Effect

I really love the aroma of this yerba mate. It has some smoky and tobacco notes mixed with the fruitiness of lemon and apple. It also has a hint of earthy and woody aroma.

The taste of La Rubia is very special and can’t really be compared with any other yerba mate. Usually, the brands from Paraguay, like Pajarito, have a bit similar taste to each other, but this one is something different! The taste is very smooth and has some floral notes. It is quite strong but not too bitter or otherwise overpowering, so I could recommend this yerba mate even for beginners.

This yerba mate should not be brewed with very hot water, I would recommend 70ºC (or maximum of 75ºC). La Rubia is also excellent for making tereré, ice-cold yerba mate. Here is great video about making tereré:

I feel like La Rubia gives a nice and energetic feeling and excellent focus. After drinking it, it’s nice to play some music, chat with friends, or get some work done. It makes my brain more active and increases productivity, so I really like how it makes me feel!

La Rubia Yerba Mate Review

There are many excellent yerba mates but if I have to choose one, I think that La Rubia is the best yerba mate brand. It really has everything you can ask from a good mate. The package is original and eye-catching, the production is done according to high standards in small batches, and it’s organic. The cut is perfect for my liking, the aroma is nice and special, and the taste is smooth and complex.

In addition to all this, the effect it has on me is really nice. Also, I like making tereré, and La Rubia is really perfect for that. I recommend this mate to everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced matero, I’m sure you will love it! The only problem is that La Rubia can be hard to acquire.

UPDATE 24 Sep 2019: Great news, La Rubia Yerba Mate is now available on Amazon!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of La Rubia yerba mate. Please post a comment and tell me your opinion of this excellent yerba mate!

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