English vs Irish vs Scottish Breakfast Tea

English vs Irish vs Scottish Breakfast Tea – What’s the Difference?

Tea is enjoyed around the world and comes in many forms from Indian chai to Japanese matcha. Breakfast blends originate from Europe and are now popular everywhere. A morning tradition across the United Kingdom, the term “breakfast tea” describes a robust brew crafted from the finest black tea leaves. While English, Scottish, and Irish breakfast … Read more

black tea before bed

Should You Drink Black Tea Before Bed?

There are many types of black teas with interesting and complex flavors suitable for different occasions. I often start my day with a cup of English breakfast tea or Earl Grey tea. I feel like these popular blends of black teas provide a nice energy boost and help with starting a new day with a … Read more

Best English Breakfast Tea

Best English Breakfast Tea Brands to Start Your Day Right!

English breakfast tea is a must-have in your pot for starting the day right. Bold but reserved like the Brits themselves, it’s growing in favor worldwide for its down-to-earth charm and anytime versatility. But which brands are worth sipping? Let’s take a closer look at this non-pretentious brew and find the best English breakfast tea … Read more

Best Darjeeling Tea

5 Best Darjeeling Teas – A Buyer’s Guide for 2022

Teas from India are renowned for their brisk, spicy flavors — but Darjeeling is the exception. Known as the “champagne of teas”, it’s famous for its light body, floral aroma, and fruity taste. But what makes Darjeeling truly unique is how the differences in harvesting and processing methods make it many things to many people. … Read more

best earl grey tea brands

6 Best Earl Grey Tea Brands – Loose Leaf, Tea Bags and Organic Products Reviewed

The prince of tea, Earl Grey has an intriguing taste and an equally fascinating history that bridges the gap between China and Great Britain. Among the world’s most recognized blends, it’s a flavorful twist on traditional brews. From the hundreds of brands available, which Earl Grey tea should you choose to warm up on a … Read more