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Stash Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea Review

I love the taste and soothing effect of homemade lemon ginger tea, but sometimes it’s nice to just make it fast and without any hassle. When I tried Stash Tea’s Lemon Ginger tea bags I was happy to find a great alternative that is very easy to prepare.

Read this review of Stash Lemon Ginger herbal tea to find out more about this delicious blend that can provide you with some powerful health benefits.

Stash Tea Lemon Ginger Herbal TeaStash Lemon Ginger Tea Review

Ingredients and Health Benefits

The main ingredients of Stash Lemon Ginger tea are ginger root and lemongrass.

Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for thousands of years and is known for its many health benefits.

It is often used as a digestive aid and to relieve nausea. A review of several studies indicates that ginger also helps with weight loss.

If you have the flu and cough, this is an excellent drink because it boosts your immune system and helps with suppressing the cough. In addition, ginger tea is one of the best herbal teas for menstrual cramps.

Lemongrass is also a herb with many health benefits and it has been traditionally used for relieving anxiety and preventing infections.

It may also help with lowering cholesterol, improving dental health, and relieving pain.

Fresh lemongrass
Fresh lemongrass

The other ingredients of the tea are natural lemon flavor, hibiscus, citric acid, safflower, and natural ginger flavor. Safflower is an interesting ingredient that is not very common in herbal tea blends. Its flowers have beautifully vivid colors of red and yellow and are high in beneficial antioxidants.


The health benefits provided by ginger and lemongrass make Stash Tea Lemon Ginger Tea an excellent drink if you have flu or the common cold.

Especially if you are suffering from cough and sore throat, I recommend that you make a nice hot cup of this tea, and keep on drinking it at least 3 times per day until you start feeling better.

How to Brew It

The best way to prepare this tea is to put a teabag in a cup and add freshly boiled water, then you can cover the cup to prevent the water from cooling down, and let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

The steeping time depends on your preference, the longer you steep the stronger flavor, especially the ginger. Don’t worry about steeping it for too long, this tea doesn’t become bitter or unpleasant even if you let it brew for a while.

One tea bag is only good for one infusion, the second one would be very mild. If you have a big teacup or prefer a stronger infusion, you can even use two tea bags for one cup. I think this tea tastes great without any sweetener, but I still recommend trying it with a dash of honey.

For me, adding some honey to complement the flavors of ginger and lemon really takes its taste to the next level!

Iced Tea

You can also make refreshing iced tea by brewing the tea in a pitcher with several tea bags and letting it cool down for a while before putting it into the refrigerator.

Or why not use one of our recommended iced tea makers to get your fix of healthy herbal tea immediately.

Taste and Aroma

When I first opened one of the individually packaged Stash Lemon Ginger teabags, a pleasant and fresh aroma of citrus filled my nose. I could already expect a delicious tasting tea based on this scent.

The taste is a nice blend of lemon and ginger with some mild additional notes coming from the hibiscus and safflower.

When combined with honey, this is an excellent drink with just the right amount of spiciness from ginger and sourness coming from lemongrass and hibiscus.

Stash Lemon Ginger Tea Review

I like to drink different herbal teas daily and it’s always nice to look for new and interesting products with various tastes and health benefits. I also like to make herbal teas with fresh ingredients, and ginger tea with lemon and honey is one of my absolute favorites.

Stash Lemon Ginger tea provides an excellent alternative for homemade lemon ginger tea, and after trying it, I am planning to always keep some in stock.

A while ago I woke up and felt a bit sick having a cough along with a sore throat. Luckily, I had some Stash Lemon Ginger tea bags in the pantry and brewed a nice cup of hot tea with some honey. After drinking the tea I felt so much better.

Sometimes small things like a cup of tasty and soothing tea can make a big difference!

If you like lemon and ginger tea, I recommend that you give this one a try.

I think that this is one of the best-tasting tea bags available and in addition, it’s an excellent remedy for the common cold.

You can find more excellent ginger tea products in this article.

Please share your experience of Stash Lemon Ginger tea in the comment section below. Or if you have any questions feel free to post them as well.


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  1. My husband and I have a cup of tea every night. We really aren’t fans of ginger tea. We opt for Hyley’s tea especially the variety box which has 6 different flavors. His favorites are acai and goji berry and mine are orange and regular. The other flavors include pomegranate and cranberry.


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