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Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate Review – It’s So Refreshing!

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I have been drinking yerba mate tea daily for several years and I like to try out different brands and products. This time I decided to try a product that is a bit different from usual, and it turned out to be a great experience.

Usually, I buy pure yerba mate, with nothing added. Sometimes I add fresh mint leaves and a dash of lemon juice, especially when making ice-cold mate (tereré). However, this time I wanted to try a product where yerba mate is already mixed with other ingredients.

And I’m glad that I did!

Read this review of Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate and find out why you should try it.

Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate

Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate
  • Amount: 2.2 lbs / 1 Kilo
  • Type: Blend of Yerba Mate and Herbs
  • Taste: Refreshing, Minty, Citrusy
  • Origin: Asunción, Paraguay
  • Recommended for: Everyone who wants to try yerba mate with a minty & citrusy twist


  • Unique, refreshing flavor
  • Made with premium-grade ingredients
  • Consistent taste and quality


  • Limited availability

Company Background

In 1950, Mr. Lauro Raatz and his wife Sara decided to establish a small business for selling yerba mate. They started from a humble setting, selling their product in a small pantry aiming to offer a completely Paraguayan product with high-quality standards.

With hard work, the company has seen huge growth in its quantity of production while maintaining and improving the quality.

Currently, Lauro Raatz S.A. is a company that has more than 60 years of experience of producing yerba mate. They have implemented modern automated facilities and employ more than a hundred permanent workers. Raatz’s family is still working hard to supply high-quality products to both Paraguayan and international customers.

All of this hard work has paid off, and Pajarito is now the number one yerba mate brand coming from Paraguay!

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Ingredients and Blend

This product consists of high-quality yerba mate (90%), natural peppermint oil, lemon verbena, and burro’s tail.

lemon verbena
Lemon verbena

The cut of the yerba mate used here is a nice blend of cut leaves, sticks, and fine powdery material. It has a color that includes shades of green mixed with some brown.

The yerba mate is produced from leaves and stems that are harvested from specially selected plants grown until 4 years of age. The leaves are then heated to prevent them from fermenting.

After this, the mate is dried, ground, and analyzed in a laboratory. It is then aged to enhance its flavor and aroma. Finally, after going through strict quality control, it is mixed with the other ingredients, and packaged.

Taste, Aroma, and Effect

The unique blend of ingredients used for this yerba mate blend creates a truly refreshing product that has a pleasant aroma and taste.

Upon opening the bag you can smell the typical grassy and earthy yerba mate aroma blending with mint and lemony scent. When you brew it, the taste is so refreshing it instantly cheers you up and reinvigorates your state of mind!

The effect of this yerba mate is energizing in a way that is both stimulating and pleasantly relaxing. You can drink it while working with your computer or before physical exercise and be sure to experience enhanced focus and energy levels.

Yerba mate gives you energy
Yerba mate gives you energy

In addition to giving it a different taste compared to traditional pure yerba mate tea, the herbal ingredients grant this product some additional health benefits.

Peppermint is famous for the various health benefits it provides. It has and has been traditionally used for improving digestion, relieving stress, and as a remedy for the common cold.

Lemon verbena is also known for aiding digestion, soothing anxiety, and reducing fever. It has antispasmodic qualities that can soothe an upset stomach and reduce symptoms related to indigestion, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and bloating.

Combined with peppermint and yerba mate, this blend is truly an excellent digestive tonic!

How to Brew It

You can brew Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate the traditional way by using a gourd and bombilla. Another option is to use a teapot or a French press.

Either way, it produces a truly refreshing and delicious hot tea that I like to drink especially in the morning before starting my work, or after a meal to aid with digestion.

Read this article to learn more about brewing your yerba mate tea: How to Brew Yerba Mate Tea – Discover Your Favorite Way

Cold Brew

Another great way to enjoy this product, if not the best, is to make tereré, ice-cold yerba mate, from it. One of my favorite drinks during this summer was tereré made from Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate with a bit of honey.

On a hot summer day, it’s one of the most refreshing drinks I can imagine!

Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate – Final Thoughts

I wrote this review because I wanted to share my positive experience with Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate.

Whether you are buying yerba mate for the first time or have plenty of experience with different types of mate products, I think you will like this blend of high-quality Paraguayan mate and herbs.

I can recommend this excellent product to everyone who wants to try a refreshing yerba mate with a twist!

Hopefully, this review has inspired you to try Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate.

After you try it, please post a comment below and tell me how you liked it. Also, if you have any questions or thoughts related to yerba mate, feel free to share them here!

Enjoy your yerba mate and stay fresh!


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8 thoughts on “Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate Review – It’s So Refreshing!”

  1. Yerba Mate sounds like it would be the perfect tea for me.

    I have bought energy drinks, to give my body a boost after exercise and found them leaving me fatigued.

    Yerba Mate Tea looks like it may be the answer to my fatigue problems and I will buy and test it out to see how effective it is.

    Thanks for reviewing Yerba Mate tea and it’s benefits.

  2. I discovered yerba mate when I was in grad school and drank a lot of it then, but that was a LONG time ago and I haven’t thought of it lately. I will try it again soon, as I do remember the refreshing quality that it had without too much stimulation. Mint and lemon sound good with it!

    • Hi Rosana,

      Yerba mate is an excellent aid for studying and working as it gives you energy and mental focus. Go ahead and try Pajarito Mint & Lemon Yerba Mate, I’m sure you’ll love it!

      Best Regards,

    • Thanks for commenting Sarah! You can take yerba mate both before and after a workout. It gives you more energy for your workout, increases fat oxidation during the exercise, and helps you with recovering from it.


  3. Hi Joonas,
    This was a very interesting article for me. I love teas but have never heard of this one before.
    This is something I think I’d love to try. Plus I love lemon-flavored anything, lol.
    I especially liked what you said about the lemon verbena being used to reduce fever. I struggle with “hot flashes” and wonder if this tea could help with that.
    Again, thanks for your great post,

    • Hi Suzanne!

      This is really a great product, so go ahead and try it! Just don’t make it too strong the first time, since you are yet used to the taste of yerba mate. I think the lemon verbena could help with your problem.

      Best Regards,


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