Yerba Mate Energy Drink – Natural Energy in a Can!

Most of the time I like to brew my own yerba mate tea and drink it hot or make ice-cold yerba mate (tereré). But sometimes a yerba mate energy drink can be the perfect option. There are different types of ready-made yerba mate energy drinks from differed brands. I will introduce my favorites in this article.

What if you need to leave suddenly and don’t have time to prepare yerba mate, and don’t want to carry a thermos, bombilla, and gourd. Or if it’s a hot day and you want a cold and refreshing drink right away. Or maybe you just want to drink an energy drink which is more natural and healthy than the usual options (Red Bull etc.). Yerba mate energy drink is an excellent choice for this kind of situation. Just grab it from the fridge and enjoy it!

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Guayaki Yerba Mate Energy Drink – Organic and Healthy Energy Drink

Guayaki is a North American yerba mate company and it has fair trade and kosher certificates. Their mate is grown in Brazil with a commitment to organic and sustainable farming. They have a very eco-friendly mentality and are helping small farmers in creating an income while conserving the rainforest.

Guayaki yerba mate energy drinks come in 11 different flavors: 5 non-carbonated and 6 sparkling. For the non-carbonated products, you can order a pack of 12 cans (15.5 oz each) and choose from flavors such as Lemon Elation, Enlighten Mint, Orange Exuberance, Revel Berry, and Bluephoria. You can also buy a variety pack where you get 16 cans with 4 different flavors. The carbonated ones come in 12 oz cans. The ingredients are organic and consist of Guayaki yerba mate tea and yerba mate extract, water, sugar, and different flavoring ingredients.

Each 15.5 oz can have about 150mg of caffeine, which is about the same as 1 or 2 cups of coffee (depending on the type of coffee and cup size). However, the effect of yerba mate tea is different compared to coffee. If you drink one 15.5 oz can you definitely feel the energizing kick! It doesn’t make you feel nervous or jittery, and the effect lasts for many hours and comes down slowly without a crash. The carbonated 12 oz cans have 55mg of caffeine per can.

Guayaki yerba mate energy drink tastes best when it’s ice-cold. The taste is quite different compared to drinking hot yerba mate with a gourd and bombilla or even compared to homemade tereré (ice-cold mate). I would describe the taste as natural and refreshing. I like all of the flavors, but Lemon Elation is my favorite.

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Yachak Yerba Mate Drink – Smooth and Natural

Yachak is produced by the same guys as Rockstar Energy Drink, and the name means a shaman in South America. Their product is US organic, fair trade, gluten-free and non-GMO. The ingredients that they use are produced so that the farmers can earn a fair living wage.

Yachak yerba mate drink is available in 6 different flavors: Berry Red, Ultimate Mint, Berry Blue, Mandarin Orange, Strawberry, and Infused Mate. All of the flavors are pretty good but the flavor of mate is quite mild, except in Infused Mate it’s stronger. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on if you like the earthy mate flavor. They actually use organic juices for flavoring, for example, organic blueberry juice, which gives the products a very nice and natural taste.

One can have 160mg of caffeine and provides a smooth, uplifting and natural energy boost. This is a good choice if you are looking for a tasty and natural energy drink!


Berry Red, Ultimate Mint, Berry Blue, Infused Mate:

Variety pack:

Yerbae Enhanced Sparkling Water – Refreshing and Light

Yerbae was founded in 2017 with a vision of bringing people a clean beverage enhanced with the power of yerba mate. Their products are non-GMO and are enhanced with yerba mate, white tea extract and guarana extract for providing energy.

Yerbae enhanced sparkling water is a product with zero calories. This sparkling energy drink is available in 9 flavors. Some of the flavors are Coconut Raspberry, Watermelon Strawberry, Mango Passion Fruit, Orange Dream, Acai Blueberry and Lemon. In my opinion, the best one is Lemon. It tastes quite similar to normal lemon-flavored sparkling water and has a mild taste of yerba mate and tea. Each 12 oz can have 100mg of caffeine.


Coconut Raspberry, Watermelon Strawberry, Mango Passion Fruit, Orange Dream:

Variety pack:

Guayaki Yerba Mate Energy Shot – a Nasty Kick!

Guayaki has another yerba mate energy drink product for those looking for a stronger kick. Currently, there is only one flavor, Lime Tangerine.

The taste of the Guayaki yerba mate energy shot is not very pleasant. Even if you chill it very cold it doesn’t help much. It has a strong bitter and sour taste. I know there are some people who actually like the taste. The taste can be improved by mixing it with juice, but then it’s not a shot anymore.

There is 150mg of caffeine in a 2 oz shot bottle. It also contains plenty of vitamin B-12 and vitamin C. It provides a clean and nice energy boost typical for yerba mate. If you need a strong and fast kick to wake up and don’t mind the taste, this might be just what you’re looking for!


Get Your Yerba Mate Energy Boost!

Drinking a yerba mate energy drink is probably one of the easiest, healthiest and most convenient ways for getting extra energy. Most of the products introduced in this article are tasty and refreshing, so it’s very pleasant to drink them. Each type of product introduced here has its own strengths. Overall, Guayaki yerba mate energy drinks are my favorite, but it’s also nice to drink the other brands sometimes.

Please comment below and let me know which one is your favorite yerba mate energy drink!

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6 thoughts on “Yerba Mate Energy Drink – Natural Energy in a Can!”

  1. Hey there,

    I’ve never heard of yerba mate before. Guayaki looks tasty and I’m sure it feels the same.
    I pretty much like the fact it’s healthy as I’m a fitness/healthy lifestyle geek.
    Thanks for all the useful information.

    • Thanks for your comment Asen! I can recommend trying yerba mate energy drink or yerba mate tea before your workout, I’m sure you will feel more energized.

  2. This drink has let me and assisted me in losing weight quickly, meaning along with exercise it’s tremendously quick. The muscles in my body tighten quickly because of less fat and I’m diabetic. No more need for coffee for me. Making it myself helped me regulate what I truly want in my body and the taste is a PLEASURE by itself as well as with other tea mixes. thanks for the extra workout yerba mate.

      • I have never heard of Yerba drinks before, but we learn something new every day, right?

        Thanks for introducing it to me, as somebody who respects his own body, I appreciate this info.

        I like energy drinks, but unfortunately, the normal ones are too unhealthy. So I might go with these ones.

        I hope I can get them shipped to Europe without having to pay 5 times the price of the product just for the shipping lol.

        • Hi Teo!

          Thanks for commenting. I also don’t drink normal energy drinks because they are not good for health. But I drink yerba mate tea almost every day and also yerba mate energy drinks quite often. You can order Maya Mate energy drink from Amazon in Germany so the shipping cost is much lower, just click here! It’s also an excellent product.



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