Yerba mate nutrition facts

Yerba Mate Nutrition Facts

Yerba mate tea is a South American herbal beverage that contains several beneficial components. I have already covered its health benefits and caffeine content in earlier articles. In this article, we are going to dig deeper into yerba mate nutrition facts and the concentration of different bioactive compounds. See table 1 below for more detailed … Read more

Gauchosi in Argentina

Yerba Mate Tea in Argentina – A Part of Cultural Identity

Originally a gift from the Guarani people, yerba mate is an important part of Argentina’s history and culture today. It’s also a big business that is constantly growing. Yerba mate tea’s energizing and healthy properties have helped generations of Argentinians in surviving hard work and harsh conditions without getting sick. Continue reading to find out … Read more

Yerba Mate Bombilla

Yerba Mate Bombilla – The Traditional Straw

A bombilla, pronounced bom-bee-shah, is the straw that is used to drink yerba mate tea. The Guarani people in South America were originally using hollow stalks and twigs as the straw for drinking mate tea. Over time, bombillas evolved into fine straws, usually made from metal. Yerba mate bombilla and gourd are the traditional brewing … Read more