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Yerba Mate Tea and Weight Loss – Burn Fat More Efficiently!

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Yerba mate tea has many proven health benefits, but can it also help you burn fat and lose weight?

Today, many products promise to aid you in slimming down. However, most of them are ineffective and can even be harmful to you.

Yerba mate tea is an excellent aid in weight management because it’s natural, healthy, and effective!

Yerba Mate for Weight Loss

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There is a lot of research to back up the fact that yerba mate can help you with weight loss.

However, you should be willing to do some work also. It’s not a miracle drink (or a capsule) that will burn your fat away while you lay on the couch and eat chips.

I have been drinking yerba mate for years and have felt its effectiveness firsthand. I love this herbal tea so much that I even named my website after it!

So are you ready to start a healthier lifestyle and become more fit and lean?

Then continue reading, because in this article I will tell you how to use yerba mate to lose weight. I will also explain the mechanisms behind the effectiveness of this South American herbal beverage.

Yerba Mate Tea Weight Loss Results

To motivate you with your weight loss journey, let’s start with some results achieved by using yerba mate.

First, I want to tell you that drinking yerba mate tea has helped me with adopting a lifestyle including intermittent fasting and regular exercise. Drinking yerba mate tea first thing in the morning really helps me with suppressing my appetite and starting the day with an exercise session.

When I first started drinking yerba mate tea and exercising more frequently, I lost about 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in 2 months. I could clearly see that I had burned a lot of belly fat and my body looked more fit and toned.

And there is also research that shows similar results!

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted to investigate the efficacy and safety of yerba mate in subjects with obesity. The subjects were given yerba mate capsules three times per day for a period of 12 weeks. This study had very promising results.

Compared to the placebo group, the group taking yerba mate supplements experienced a 3.6% decrease in body fat mass and a 3.0 % decrease in body fat percentage. In addition, the waist-to-hip ratio also decreased by 0.4%.

While this study utilized yerba mate in capsule form, you can achieve the same results by drinking it as hot or iced tea.

Drinking Yerba Mate Tea Helps with Burning Belly Fat

Yerba mate tea can aid in burning belly fat by increasing metabolism and enhancing fat oxidation, particularly during physical activity. The main benefit related to fat burning and weight loss comes from the thermogenic effectiveness of yerba mate.

Drinking Yerba Mate Tea Helps with Burning Belly Fat

Research indicates that drinking yerba mate can help with treating obesity and diabetes because it increases metabolism and reduces the amount of cholesterol, glucose, and fat (triglycerides) in blood.

If you are not interested in drinking yerba mate tea, you can use yerba mate supplements to get the same benefits.

I prefer drinking my yerba mate tea but I also know many people who find it easier and more convenient to use it in the form of capsules.

Read my article about yerba mate leaf extracts to learn more.

Yerba Mate Boosts Physical Performance

Drinking yerba mate tea before, or during, exercise increases energy levels and decreases physical fatigue. This is achieved by three stimulants that it contains: caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine.

man exercising with jumping rope

Most of us already know that caffeine increases physical and mental performance and makes you feel more alert. However, the effects of the two other stimulants are not so well known to many people.

So how exactly can theophylline and theobromine help?

The most notable effects related to physical performance are that theophylline increases blood flow and theobromine widens blood vessels.

In addition, yerba mate also reduces oxidative stress, which allows you to work out more efficiently and for longer periods.

In 2014, a study was conducted to research how yerba mate affects fat burning during exercise. The subjects ingested 1000 mg of yerba mate 60 minutes before exercise.

The group who took yerba mate capsules experienced 24% more fatty acid oxidation versus the placebo control group.

This study suggests that consuming yerba mate before exercise significantly increases the effectiveness of exercise for weight loss and fat-burning purposes!

Helps Avoid Overeating and Decreases Appetite

Yerba mate is also one of the most effective appetite-suppressant teas.

In a 2001 study a mixed herbal preparation containing yerba mate, guarana, and damiana (YGD), was used aid gastric emptying and weight loss. It was conducted over periods of 10 days and 45 days, and weight maintenance over the following 12 months.

According to the study, YGD delayed gastric emptying and induced significant weight loss over 45 days, about 5 kg weight loss compared to about 0.3 kg for the placebo group. In addition, the YGD capsules helped subjects maintain their reduced weight for a period of 12 months.

Next, I recommend that you watch this short video about yerba mate and appetite control:

YERBA MATE TEA- Fat Loss & Appetite Control Secret

Yerba Mate Improves Mood and Energy Levels

According to studies, individuals who feel sad and lonely tend to have more eating disorders. Because of this, they can also gain weight more quickly than those who don’t frequently suffer from these emotions.

Sad and lonely people tend to eat more fatty and high-calorie comfort foods and lack physical activity. This is a combination that is likely to cause significant weight gain over time.

Yerba mate is known to improve mood and help with symptoms of depression.

It stimulates a weakened nervous system and reduces anxiety and agitation. One way that yerba mate can help with weight loss, is that by improving the mental state of sad or depressed individuals it can prevent them from overeating and making poor diet choices.

I have to admit, that sometimes I feel a bit gloomy, tired, and lazy.

You know that feeling when you want to get up from the couch and go jogging, or do some other activity, but just can’t find the energy to do that?

When this happens, I drink a proper amount of good yerba mate tea, and it always works!

After drinking it, I usually do a nice physical exercise session and feel so much better after that.

Yerba Mate Improves Gastrointestinal Health

One reason for gaining and maintaining too much weight can be gastrointestinal problems. Yerba mate helps in repairing gastrointestinal tracts and tissues and boosts digestion.

Suffering from acid reflux or ulcers often leads to eating more because it can reduce the pain temporarily. Also, constipation can lead to weight gain by making you feel tired and bloated, which can prevent you from doing physical activities and exercise.

Yerba mate improves digestive system health and stimulates normal bowel movement which is a big factor in losing weight.

The anti-inflammatory properties of yerba mate can help in weight loss for individuals suffering from chronic diseases. Inflammation in the body can cause leptin, a weight control hormone, to be less effective.

Thus, yerba mate’s ability to inhibit inflammation is also beneficial for losing weight.

Use Yerba Mate Tea for Weight Loss!

Drinking yerba mate tea, or taking yerba mate supplements, has become quite popular with people aiming to promote their health, prevent obesity, and lose body weight.

Based on my own experiences as well as research, it is clear that yerba mate has several benefits associated with weight loss.

It boosts metabolism and exercise performance which helps your body use more energy and burn more fat. It also prevents water retention because of its diuretic properties.

One notable effect is that it helps reduce overeating by making you feel more full and keeps you satisfied for longer.

Step 1: Find the Issues

I think that one of the most important things in succeeding with losing weight is to find out the reasons that have led to weight gain in the first place. It is also important to think about what is currently preventing you from losing weight.

Then it’s just a matter of doing something to fix those problems!

Common reasons for weight gain include depression, gastrointestinal problems, and lack of sleep.

Another problem might be a job that is too consuming and stressful. This kind of situation leaves little or no energy for exercise and other healthy habits.

Step 2: Make a Plan and Follow It!

The next step is to make a long-term plan, which addresses these problems and stick to it.

Yerba mate tea (or supplement) is just one component of that plan which should also include a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a proper amount of sleep.

Whether you are struggling with losing weight or just hoping to burn some extra belly fat, I hope this article gave you information that you can use in achieving your goals.

Where to Buy Yerba Mate Tea?

Are you wondering which yerba mate tea to buy and where to order it?

I suggest that you read this review article with 5 popular mate brands to find the right product for you.

If you have any questions or you want to share your story related to yerba mate and weight loss, please post it in the comments section below!

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Drink your yerba mate tea and enjoy life!


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14 thoughts on “Yerba Mate Tea and Weight Loss – Burn Fat More Efficiently!”

  1. Yerba Mate tea sounds like a very powerful solution in losing weight. Though I’ve never had weight problems I love the idea it can help with anxiety. For those who overeat due to depression, this tea could certainly benefit them. This is certainly a very well researched post and thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Kathy!

      Good to hear that found my article interesting. I drink yerba mate almost every day, and sometimes if I’m feeling a bit blue it helps with lifting my mood and getting things done. I also hope that people who want to lose weight will find this article, and reading it will motivate and help them with their goals.


  2. Yerba Mate is the BEST weight loss tea I have tried. I drink it
    every day, and I’m also so grateful. It has helped me not only to lose weight but keep it off, hope it helps some others!

    • Hi Sofia!

      Great to hear the yerba mate tea has helped you with losing weight. It really is an effective aid for controlling weight and burning fat.


  3. Great article. I have recently started using Yerba Mate tea to help with fat loss and have the following question.
    How much yerba mate tea would you suggest I have per day. I am a 73 year old male and weigh 103kg and should weigh about 85kg.
    By how much I mean how much per drink ie 1 x tbl spoon or more, and how many times per day??

    • Hi David,

      I suggest you start with a smaller amount and see how you feel when you drink it. Then you can later increase the amount if you feel like it.

      So maybe start with using one tablespoon of yerba mate for making a large cup of tea. You can drink one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon. If you are doing some physical exercise it’s best to drink the tea before exercising to have more energy and increase fat burning.

      I hope yerba mate will help you with losing weight!

      All the best,


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