Ube vs Taro

Ube vs Taro in Bubble Tea: What’s the Difference?

The battle of the bubble teas is on! If you’re a tea geek, you may have seen some discussions online about ube versus taro milk teas. These two root vegetables often get mixed up because they have some similarities. Are you confused about what makes these two flavorings different? Don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll … Read more

tiger milk tea

What is Tiger Milk Tea? (aka Tiger Milk Boba)

If you haven’t tried tiger milk tea — you don’t know boba. An international sensation from the heart of Taiwan, it’s a sweet twist on the traditional pearl milk tea you know and love. Made from a secret blend of proprietary ingredients, it’s often imitated but rarely duplicated. You owe yourself a cup, but the … Read more

Best Boba in Phoenix

Top 10 Best Boba Tea Places in Phoenix [2023]

Nothing beats a good boba — packed with chewy pearls, this humble Taiwanese favorite inspired an international bubble tea blitz! Part of a billion-dollar global beverage market, boba is here to stay and Americans can’t get enough of it. Shops are popping up all over the country, each offering a regional interpretation of classic flavors. … Read more

CoCo Bubble Tea Menu Best Sellers

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Bubble Tea Menu – Best Seller Drinks

Well-known in South-East Asia, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is the latest global beverage franchise dotting US cities. The new kid in town, they offer the best in bubble tea plus award-winning milk teas, creamy fruit smoothies, frozen treats, and more. Laser-focused on freshness, their extensive menu is a welcomed relief from the ordinary. The … Read more

Does Dunkin Have Boba

Does Dunkin’ Have Boba Tea? – Check Out the Popping Bubbles!

Coffee shops are trying to keep up with America’s boba obsession. Are they succeeding? Well, Starbucks boba tea is now a thing. Or at least they are testing their own quirky version with coffee pearls. But if you run on Dunkin’, can you get a legitimate bubble tea? The answer is a definite maybe. Dunkin’ … Read more

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Top 10 Best Chatime Drinks in 2023 – Bubble Tea and More!

Milk tea is taking over the world! And it’s impossible to walk out of a Chatime shop without being a fan of bubble tea for life. While their stores aren’t in every city just yet, there’s a good chance one is coming to a location near you. Here’s what you need to know about picking … Read more

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Top 10 Best Gong Cha Drinks – Boba Milk Tea and More!

If you’re ready for a new kind of refreshment, Gong Cha has what you crave. A Taiwanese tea shop with over 1600 stores in 20 countries, these masters of bubble tea are now thrilling US customers with their inspired beverages. Premium ingredients, creativity, and a commitment to consistency have made them an international success story. … Read more

Best Kung Fu Tea Drinks

10 Best Kung Fu Tea Drinks – You Gotta Try These!

Many people are becoming obsessed with Kung Fu Tea. And for a good reason — they have a large selection of delicious drinks from sweet milk teas and refreshing lemonades to more exotic choices! The chain has hundreds of locations throughout the United States, Canada, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Japan. Of course, Kung Fu Tea is … Read more