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7 Best Tiger Sugar Boba Tea Drinks You Must Try!

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Once in a blue moon, a drink franchise creates a beverage so good that it defines its class.

Starbucks nailed it with the Frappuccino, and Jamba is synonymous with juice. Now, Tiger Sugar is putting bubble tea on the US map with a brown sugar boba so delicious we’ll queue for it.

In a jungle of average tea shops, Tiger Sugar is the undisputed king!

Here’s a proper look at the best drinks at Tiger Sugar and what makes this boba tea chain so popular.

All About Tiger Sugar Boba Drinks

Tiger Sugar is a Taiwan-based boba franchise known for its unique, pic-worthy drinks. Founded in 2017 as a dessert shop, its legendary brown sugar milk tea quickly gained a global following.

With 40-plus locations from Hong Kong to Singapore, Tiger Sugar has now arrived on US shores with plans to expand nationwide. Americans, it appears, can’t get enough.

Tiger Sugar Drinks
Tiger Sugar is famous for their brown sugar boba drinks

Tiger Sugar’s success is attributable to its innovative approach to bubble tea. Its bestselling brown sugar milk also known as tiger milk boba or black tiger boba is made-to-order with syrupy “tiger” stripes layered on the inside of the cup.

Rich and creamy, the caramelized syrup blends with the milk and handcrafted boba pearls, creating a deliciously sweet and creamy concoction with a satisfying mouthfeel. More of a dessert than a tea, the presentation alone has given it a strong social media presence.

How about other types of drinks?

Tiger Sugar also offers other traditional and distinctive beverages, catering to a wide range of palates. Most shop menus include the Brown Sugar Milk Series, fruit drinks, and the Tea Series featuring black, green, and oolong teas enhanced with flavorings and more.

Stores from coast to coast also boast local favorites and seasonal specialties. You’ll find Tiger Sugar shops in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Cambridge. New locations have also opened in Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana as a part of an aggressive North American expansion.

You can find all current Tiger Sugar US locations here.

No Tiger Sugar near you?

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My Favorite Tiger Sugar Drinks – Try These Best Sellers!

In addition to different types of brown sugar boba drinks, Tiger Sugar offers a variety of drinks from green tea to fruity flavors.

Consider ordering one of these seven delicious drinks the next time you step into a Tiger Sugar shop:

1. Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse

Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Boba

You won’t be disappointed with Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Boba with Pearl Milk. Their claim to fame, it’s dripping with rich caramel flavor and a satisfying chew.

Don’t count on a caffeine boost, however. This drink contains neither coffee nor tea.

2. Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl Coffee Latte with Cream Mousse

Kickstart your day with this espresso-infused brown sugar boba. An ice-cold blend of milk, brown sugar syrup, and as many shots of espresso as your heart desires, it’s dessert and coffee in a single cup.

Turn it into rocket fuel with a scoop of Tiger Jelly. The flavor is off the charts.

3. Brown Sugar Black Tea Latte with Boba and Cream Mousse

Tiger Sugar’s Black Tea Latte with Boba and Cream Mousse is a decadent version of traditional milk tea.

Slightly earthy but with more caramel flavor than tea taste, it’s authentic to the Taiwan region. Presweetened, it still retains a dessert-like quality, but it’s not quite as rich or syrupy as the signature brown sugar boba.

A genteel option, we like it iced on hot summer days.

4. Matcha Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse

Tiger Sugar Matcha Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse

Enjoy the bold tea taste in every sip of Tiger Sugar’s Matcha Brown Sugar Boba Milk.

If you’re new to matcha, this is the drink to warm up on. The verdant flavor of the green tea is softened by the brown sugar and cream mousse, so it’s bright but not overpowering.

Soy milk adds delicious nutty notes.

5. Lychee Bursting Boba Black Tea

Tiger Sugar went big with their lychee-flavored popping bubbles!

Refreshingly perfect in this seasonal black tea, they look like grapes but taste like citrus. Pop them in your mouth for a burst of fruity flavor.

Dairy-free, this tea is plenty sweet with half or no added sugar. If you’re counting calories, indulge at will.

6. Green Tea Latte with Cream Mousse

Tiger Sugar’s green tea is as fresh and flavorful as its black tea. Freshly brewed, it’s blended with cold milk and creamy mousse for an ultra-smooth, neutral finish that pairs well with food

This is a must-try with an everything bagel and cream cheese.

7. Taro Pudding Black Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse

The flavor of taro brings out the best in this already sweet boba milk. Nutritious and nutty with hints of vanilla and coconut, it has an edge.

If you’re feeling decadent, substitute the cream mousse for cheese mousse. Wow!

How to Order at Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar franchises are independently-owned. Stores have slightly different menus and customization options. You can order online or in person in most locations.

The process couldn’t be simpler:

1. Choose Your Drink

Tiger Sugar offers an expansive menu of blended and brewed beverages. Most are customizable, but some recipes are set in stone. Made with just a few ingredients, any alterations would change the character of the drinks. If you’re ordering online, the available options are clearly listed.

2. Select the Temperature

Most Tiger Sugar drinks can be served hot or cold. But select beverages have ingredients, like pudding, that may not hold up in hot temperatures. Fruit drinks are only available iced.

3. Adjust the Ingredients

You can add or drop ingredients from most Tiger Sugar drinks. Some stores also offer oat, soy, or Lactaid milk instead of traditional dairy. And among iced teas, you can choose regular or less ice.

4. Select the Sweetness Level

The sweetness level is less customizable at Tiger Sugar than at Starbucks or similar franchises. Built on a dessert theme, sweetness is par for the course among their signature drinks. Syrups are made of sugar and can’t be altered. But clear teas and tea lattes have light, half, regular, and no-sugar options.

5. Add Toppings

Tiger Sugar offers the usual favorites plus a few surprise toppings, such as:

  • Brown Sugar Boba
  • Tapioca pearls — half the size of boba and not as sweet
  • Puddings, including lychee and taro
  • Jellies, including coffee-infused Tiger Jelly
  • Red beans
  • Popping bubbles
  • Mochi
  • Mango sago
  • Cream Mousse
  • Cheese Mousse
  • Espresso shots and more

We recommend trying Tiger Sugar’s original Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse on your first go-round to familiarize you with the taste of their core ingredients. But then do your thing — the sky’s the limit for flavor combinations!

We’re partial to:

  • Tapioca pearls in the Mango Oolong Tea
  • Cheese Mousse on the Black Sugar Boba and Pearl Coffee Latte
  • Brown Sugar Boba in the Vanilla-Flavored Black Tea with Cheese Mousse
  • Tiger Jelly in any coffee beverage and, for the daring, in the Matcha Black Sugar Boba Milk

Final Thoughts on Tiger Sugar Boba Drinks

Tiger Sugar doesn’t ask for your loyalty — it earns it with high-quality ingredients, attention to detail, and engaging customer service. Revel in the experience.

Offering a range of decadent boba teas, this chain is expanding fast the chances are that there is already a shop near you.

If you want more delicious milk tea options, check out our guide with the best drinks at Boba Guys.

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