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Top 10 Best Boba Guys Drink Flavors to Taste

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The boba tea bubble isn’t going to burst anytime soon. As more people discover the deliciousness of refreshing bubble tea, demand for this beloved Taiwanese drink continues to grow.

There was a time when only niche tea houses served bubble tea, boba tea, pearl milk tea, or whatever name you prefer to call this beverage. That all changed with the popularity of Boba Guys and some other famous milk tea chains like Kung Fu Tea and Gong Cha.

So let’s take a look at what makes Boba Guys so special and what are their top 10 drinks on the menu.

Here’s all you need to know before stepping into a Boba Guys shop next time!

Why Is Boba Guys So Popular?

What started as a pop-up experiment in 2011 has now become a bubbly phenomenon. Boba Guys is the chain that introduced many people in the United States to bubble tea for the first time.

The company was started by two guys named Bin and Andrew who worked together at a brand called Timbuk2. After bonding over a shared love of hard-to-find boba milk tea, the duo decided to open a pop-up shop.

The first permanent Boba Guys store opened in 2013. Today, Boba Guys has more than two dozen locations throughout the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York areas.

Boba Guys Drinks
Boba Guys drinks are colorful and delicious

But what is it that makes their drinks so special?

People are obsessed with the Boba Guys menu because it’s full of flavorful, colorful, and rich milk teas. You’re also free to fully customize each flavor option.

I’ll cover what to expect from the popular items on the menu in just a bit!

Sustainability and Quality

Boba Guys also prioritizes sustainability, quality, and partnerships. Under the Boba Guys #nextlevelquality promise, drinks are free of artificial ingredients.

Their boba teas are always made with real tea leaves instead of powders. The company also exclusively uses house-made syrups.

Another cool tidbit is that Boba Guys uses organic milk from Straus Family Creamery. Califia almond milk and Oatly oat milk are offered as dairy alternatives.

Boba Guys is also in the business of spreading the love for bubble tea around the world. In 2022, the company partnered with a startup called Bobacino that’s developing fully automated, small-footprint boba shops.

There’s no doubt that Boba Guys is at the forefront of the movement to bring bubble tea to the masses!

However, most people are simply interested in discovering which flavors they should try when walking into a Boba Guys for the first time.

So next, let’s take a look at the 10 best Boba Guys drinks to order.

Top 10 Best Boba Guys Drinks

1. Strawberry Matcha Latte

Boba Guys Strawberry Matcha Latte

This caffeinated beverage is the most popular option on the Boba Guys menu — and for a good reason!

Using premium organic matcha from Tea People as its base, this latte is finished off with milk and strawberry purée. It has a thick, sweet consistency that cuts through the potent matcha just beautifully.

As with most of their drinks, you can choose toppings ranging from traditional boba pearls to almond and aloe jelly or chia seeds.

2. Classic Black

Boba Guys Classic Black

A great choice when you want a pick-me-up drink without frills or complex flavors.

Classic Black uses rich black tea from Tea People as the base. You can customize how sweet or severe you want the flavor to be based on the syrup and milk you choose.

This drink is also available as a decaf option.

3. Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea

Boba Guys Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea

This is the Boba Guys take on the agua de Jamaica drink that is commonly enjoyed during midday meals in Mexico. This version uses real hibiscus flowers, rose hips, and mint to create a sweet flavor with a vibrant red hue.

The Hibiscus Mint is an iced, caffeine-free drink. It’s one of the best picks on the menu when you want something refreshing and hydrating instead of a “dessert” drink.

4. Dirty Banana Milk

A fresh take on the beloved Korean boxed banana milk that consists of fresh bananas, milk, sugar, and water, the Dirty Banana Milk takes things up a notch with a Proyecto Diaz espresso shot.

This is an ultra-creamy, ultra-sweet treat!

5. Jasmine Green

This floral and aromatic drink has surprisingly strong notes. Of course, the bitter-versus-sweet ratio comes down to how you ask for your sugar and milk during customization.

As always the tea is a premium pick from Tea People. This beverage is caffeinated.

6. Hong Kong Milk Tea

Departing from the fresh-milk-only theme a bit, this sweet drink combines loose black tea with organic condensed milk. The result is a thick, sweet, and satisfying drink.

This menu item is inspired by a popular tea beverage that’s enjoyed during lunch in Hong Kong’s tea culture. Because it’s made with black tea, this drink contains some caffeine.

7. Lychee Oolong

While this is a fruity and aromatic beverage, it is actually a caffeinated option instead of a strictly herbal concoction.

The senses really get overtaken by the pleasant combination of sweet lychee and vanilla notes pulled from Free People Tie Guan Yin oolong tea.

8. Pandan Caramel Matcha

This tri-color drink creates a delightfully unexpected flavor profile by layering Tea People organic matcha over milk and pandan caramel.

It’s worth talking about the pandan flavor that comes through when distinguishing this drink from others. Pandan is an edible tropical plant with hints of rose, almond, and vanilla.

In the Boba Guys pandan caramel matcha recipe, coconut also helps to bring out the naturally sweet notes of the pandan. This is a caffeinated beverage.

9. Ube Latte

When contemplating this drink, it’s important to know that ube is a purple yam from the Philippines. The house-made ube purée in this drink gives it a flowery violet hue. The ube is layered with coconut milk and cardamom.

While you would think that a potato-like root vegetable in a latte would make things feel heavy or starchy, this caffeine-free beverage is actually very airy and refreshing.

You might have tasted taro milk tea before and the main difference between ube and taro is that ube is sweeter and creamier with a stunning purple color.

10. Hojicha Latte

Just like matcha, this latte is a rarity because it’s made with powder instead of tea leaves.

The hojicha powder is actually part of a tradition of using roasted green tea to create a drink that has a toasty essence while being lower in caffeine. The flavor can be described as nutty and earthy. You might even notice some phantom caramel-like notes every few sips.

This latte is intended to be layered with your favorite milk and sweetener for a truly custom choice.

How to Order at Boba Guys

Ordering at Boba Guys isn’t passive. This is meant to be a customized experience that leaves you with the drink of your dreams.

Building your drink comes down into 5 steps:

  1. Choosing your base drink.
  2. Choosing a drink size (generally 12 oz or 16 oz).
  3. Adding toppings.
  4. Picking a milk option.
  5. Selecting a sweetener and sweetness level.

Drinks can generally be ordered in 12-ounce or 16-ounce sizes.

Most people come to Boba Guys specifically to order their tea with the famed boba “bubbles” made from tapioca starch. You can even ask for double boba if you can’t get enough of these squishy pearls.

While topping options may vary slightly by location, the core toppings offered at Boba Guys are boba, almond jelly, chia seeds, and aloe jelly. Generally, aloe jelly goes best with fruity iced teas and green teas. The chia seeds blend into the texture of lattes beautifully, but they also taste great with green teas.

Final Thoughts on Ordering Boba Guys Drinks

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed about ordering tea at Boba Guys. While every drink is meant to be customized, the smooth ordering process ensures you won’t be confused.

If you want the full experience, you can’t go wrong with a latte of your choice with double boba!

Looking for even more delicious milk tea options?

Check out our guide with the best drinks at Tiger Sugar.

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Best Boba Guys Drink Flavors

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