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Best Rooibos Tea Brands in 2023 (Tested & Reviewed)

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Rooibos tea is a delicious and super healthy tea loaded with antioxidants. It can be used as an herbal remedy for many conditions including allergies and digestive problems.

I prefer choosing organic high-quality products for brewing rooibos tea. This will minimize the risk of ingesting any remains of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

And that’s why all products introduced in this article (except for the K-Cups) are certified organic.

Read this article and find out what are the best rooibos tea brands and products.

Our recommendations for Best Rooibos Tea:

Rooibos means “red bush” and it is a plant with needle-like leaves. It is mostly grown in the Cederberg mountain area near Cape Town in South Africa.

This caffeine-free herbal drink is one of the healthiest teas you can find.

Rooibos leaves usually go through oxidation (or fermentation) that enhances their taste and produces the reddish-brown color typical to rooibos tea.

Read my article about rooibos tea and its history and health benefits to learn more.

Best Rooibos Tea Bags – 100% Organic Red Bush

Brewing rooibos tea with teabags is a convenient option for making a cup of tasty red tea.

If you are going somewhere it’s easy to grab a few tea bags with you and enjoy your favorite tea on the go. All you need is a cup and hot water.

You can brew your rooibos tea by steeping the tea bag in freshly boiled water for 4-8 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea.

Here is a short video that explains how to prepare a perfect cup of rooibos tea:

Episode 2 - How to prepare the perfect cup of rooibos tea

It is important to use unbleached tea bags to avoid harmful chemicals from dissolving into your tea, and because they are more friendly to the environment. All rooibos teabags introduced in this article are unbleached.

Buddha Teas Organic Rooibos Teabags

Buddha Teas Organic Rooibos Teabags
  • Amount: 18 tea bags
  • Type: Pure organic rooibos teabags

Buddha Teas is an American company founded by John Boyd, who was born in the United Kingdom. After moving to the US he started this company with a vision of organic, sustainably sourced, and healthy teas.

This rooibos tea has a special earthy taste that I really like. I also love the way Buddha Teas only uses USDA-certified organic ingredients and is committed to sustainable practices.

Buddha Teas stands out for its commitment to environmental sustainability and health, highlighted by their use of 100% unbleached cotton and other biodegradable materials in tea bags, ensuring they are free from plastics and microplastics. This approach not only reduces waste and pollution, but also prevents potential health risks associated with consuming microplastics.

Additionally, by choosing Buddha Teas, you will support a brand that encourages eco-friendly practices in the industry, further contributing to environmental conservation and promoting a more sustainable tea market.

All Buddha Tea’s products are free of added artificial or natural flavors and contain only herbs or tea leaves.

Buddha Teas Rooibos tea bags are a bit more expensive than many other options, but this might just be the best rooibos tea you can find anywhere!

Rooibos Rocks Organic Teabags

Rooibos Rocks Organic Teabags
  • Amount: 100 tea bags
  • Type: Pure organic rooibos teabags

Rooibos Rocks is a South African family business. Their rooibos tea is sustainably farmed and they are committed to protecting the biodiversity and preserving the county’s scarce water resources.

This organic rooibos tea comes in 100 unbleached and tagless tea bags. The bags are wrapped in 20 foil pouches to keep them fresh.

Rooibos Rocks tea is of superior quality in every aspect and you can get it at a reasonable price!

Cederberg Tea Company Red Rooibos Teabags

Cederberg Tea Company Red Rooibos Teabags
  • Amount: 100 tea bags
  • Type: Pure organic rooibos teabags

Cederberg Tea Company emphasizes the freshness and quality of their products. Their organic rooibos tea is farmed in the Cederberg Mountains and it is handpicked and packed.

This tea is produced sustainably in small batches to ensure the preservation of the environment and freshness of the product. They also test each batch in a laboratory to ensure their consistent quality.

The package contains 100 unbleached teabags packed in 5 foil bags for freshness. Cederberg Rooibos tea product tastes excellent and smells nice. Go ahead and try it!

Best Red Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea – Brew It in a Pot

When you buy loose-leaf rooibos tea you get a larger quantity of the actual product with the same amount of money compared to teabags.

In addition, by brewing your tea with a loose leaf product you can entirely avoid getting exposed to chemicals or plastic that may dissolve from tea bags.

Rooibos Rocks Organic Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Rocks Organic Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
  • Amount: 1 lb / 16 oz (450 g)
  • Type: Pure organic rooibos loose leaf tea

Another great product from Rooibos Rocks is their loose-leaf rooibos tea. It comes in a nice 16 oz package which will last for a while, even if you drink it every day.

This rooibos tea has superior taste and quality!

Golden Moon Organic Rooibos Loose Leaf

Golden Moon Organic Rooibos Loose Leaf
  • Amount: 1 lb / 16 oz (450 g)
  • Type: Pure organic rooibos loose leaf tea

Golden Moon Tea is a US-based company that uses completely natural growing methods. They are the only tea company in the US that completely avoids GMOs (genetically modified organisms), pesticides, tea bags with any plastic material, and so-called “natural” flavors.

Golden Moon’s organic loose leaf rooibos tea is a product with great quality and affordable price. It comes in a resealable, waterproof and airtight bag.

Best Rooibos Tea Blends – Exciting Variety of Tastes

Undoubtedly, rooibos tea is very healthy, and most people like its taste. However, some might find the taste of pure rooibos tea a bit strange or unpleasant.

When you blend rooibos with other ingredients, you can enjoy its health benefits and get a tea that tastes delicious — even if you don’t prefer the taste of pure rooibos.

Here are my favorite rooibos tea blends:

The Republic of Tea Republic Red Chai

The Republic of Tea Republic Red Chai
  • Amount: 36 tea bags
  • Type: Organic herbal tea blend with rooibos

California-based tea company, The Republic of Tea, offers a nice variety of tea products. Their Republic Red Chai is one of my favorite products. It contains rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, cardamom seeds, Chinese star anise, cloves, and black pepper.

This tea blend has a powerful combination of healthy ingredients and I like to drink it before going to sleep. None of the ingredients contain any caffeine. You can brew it with hot water or milk and the taste is delicious!

Løv Organic Vanilla Rooibos Tea

Løv Organic Vanilla Rooibos Tea
  • Amount: 3.5 oz (100 g)
  • Type: Organic herbal loose leaf tea blend with rooibos

Løv Organic Vanilla Rooibos Tea comes in a nice-looking reusable tin, which is both convenient and friendly to the environment.

The taste of this organic loose leaf tea is a combination of earthy rooibos flavor combined with a pleasant vanilla aroma. It’s a real treat to your tastebuds!

Nigiro Tender Mint Rooibos

Nigiro Tender Mint Rooibos
  • Amount: 3.5 oz (100 g)
  • Type: Organic herbal loose leaf tea blend with rooibos

Nigiro is a company that only uses products of the highest quality standards farmed with traditional methods. Their Tender Mint Rooibos is an interesting mix of green rooibos and peppermint leaves and flowers.

Green rooibos is dried quickly after harvesting to prevent the oxidation. This tea has a nice and refreshing taste and it also makes an excellent ice-tea.

Best Rooibos K-Cups – The Fastest and Easiest Way

Keurig K-Cup brewing system uses single-serving tea or coffee containers to brew a cup of hot beverage. With a press of a button, and within seconds, you will have a nice cup of rooibos tea. The containers are sealed to keep the product fresh.

Twinings of London Rooibos Red Tea K-Cups

Twinings of London Rooibos Red Tea K-Cups
  • Amount: 2 x 24 K-Cups
  • Type: K-Cups (for Keurig) with pure rooibos tea

Twinings offers good quality rooibos tea in K-Cups. This is the fastest and most convenient way of making a cup of healthy rooibos tea!

Where to Buy Rooibos Tea?

One option is to look for rooibos tea in your local grocery or health store and see if they have rooibos tea available. However, the selection might be limited.

I recommend buying rooibos tea from Amazon or Buddha Teas Online Store.

Amazon offers a large selection of different rooibos tea products and the prices are affordable. You can also take a look at user reviews and compare products before choosing a brand.

Buddha Teas Online Store has top-grade organic rooibos tea bags with excellent user reviews.

Rooibos Tea FAQ

Where does rooibos tea come from?

Rooibos tea comes from South Africa where it grows naturally. It was originally discovered by the indigenous Khoisan people who have been using rooibos leaves for thousands of years. Nowadays, it is cultivated in Cederberg mountains located north of Cape Town.

What are the health benefits of rooibos tea?

Rooibos tea has many science-backed health benefits from reducing allergies, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure to improving skin health. It can also help with weight management and digestion as well as controlling and preventing diabetes.

Does rooibos tea have any side effects?

Rooibos tea is generally considered safe. However, large doses are not recommended for people with hormone-sensitive diseases such as breast cancer since it can increase estrogen production.

Also, if you are on any kind of medication, it is recommended to consult your doctor before consuming rooibos tea.

What is the difference between red and green rooibos tea?

Red rooibos tea is brewed from fermented rooibos leaves while green rooibos tea is made with unfermented ones.

Red rooibos tea has a high antioxidant content and tastes earthy, smooth, and sweet. Green rooibos tea has a milder and more grass-like taste and contains even more antioxidants compared to the red one.

What is the best rooibos tea brand?

Rooibos Rocks is definitely one of the highest quality organic rooibos tea on the market. It is available on tea bags and as a loose leaf tea. Another great option is Buddha Teas Organic Red Rooibos Tea.

Find Your Favorite Rooibos Tea Brand!

There sure are many exciting rooibos tea products available. Now that I have introduced my favorite brands and products, you can choose which one to buy and try.

Whether you like pure rooibos tea, rooibos chai brewed with milk (and maybe a bit of sugar), or green rooibos ice-tea with mint, you can find an option that satisfies you in this guide!

Go ahead, post a comment below, and tell me how you liked this article, and what is your favorite rooibos tea.

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12 thoughts on “Best Rooibos Tea Brands in 2023 (Tested & Reviewed)”

  1. Great health info from your site. I love drinking hot tea. There are different tea varieties to choose from. I think tea is one of the healthiest drinks we can find on earth. It has many uses especially for weight control and it has a pleasant taste to enjoy. Today, iced milk tea is a favorite drink anywhere around the world.

  2. I had no idea there was no caffeine in the PTPPC Tea. Would you say it helps the quality of your sleep? I’m looking for something that will knock me out. I was also wondering which one is your favorite, I think I’d probably favor the vanilla rooibos tea.

    I usually drink any kind of green tea I can get my hands out, apparently, it helps your metabolism.

    • I often drink rooibos tea before going to sleep. Rooibos tea is a good source for magnesium which improves sleep quality. It also contains calcium which works together with magnesium to provide better sleep. Rooibos tea also has high levels of potassium, so it helps your muscles and nerves to relax. In addition, it lowers your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and high cortisone levels are not good for sleep.

      Løv Organic Vanilla Rooibos Tea is a delicious choice, go ahead and try it! It’s definitely one of my favorite rooibos blends.


  3. Tea is my very favorite beverage. I drink it at least 3 times per day. I have never tried Rooibos tea though. So learning about Rooibos tea makes me curious to try it. My interest is leaning towards the Golden Moon Organic Loose Leaf. Since Green tea is highly promoted for its health benefits, does Rooibos tea have the same or greater?

  4. Though I’m mostly a coffee drinker I’m very interested to read about Rooibos tea. I love the idea it’s packed full of antioxidants. I used to drink green tea for the same reason, but hated the taste! I’ll certainly consider trying one of these Rooibos teas you recommended.

    • Hi Kathy!

      I recommend that you try one of the rooibos blends first, I think they taste better than pure rooibos. But that’s a matter of taste of course. Also, sometimes it takes a while to get used t a new taste. I hope you will enjoy drinking your rooibos tea!


  5. There is a large number of different red rooibos teas that will allow you to choose the most high-quality and delicious option. We should focus on finding a product without any impurities.

  6. In the past I have purchased Zhena’s gypsy tea, Red lavender Herbal tea caffeine free Rooibos tea.
    I would like to order it again. It came in a round tin with 22 tea sachets.
    When I go on I am routed to and
    can not find the tea I want.
    Please help me.
    thank you for your assistance,
    Pamela Symonds

    • Hi Pamela,

      Unfortunately, Zhena’s Gypsy Tea brand has been discontinued and I think you can’t buy that exact blend anymore. I recommend that you try one of the rooibos teas in this guide instead.

      I really like the Republic of Tea Republic Red Chai but it’s quite different from the Zhena’s tea that you mentioned.

      Best Regards,


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