Best Chai Tea Brands – Easy Homemade Chai

Traditional Indian homemade chai tea is one of the most delicious and flavorful drinks I can imagine. It is prepared with black tea, milk, and a variety of spices that have many health benefits.

Read this article to find out what are the best chai tea brands for preparing this spicy and tasty drink at home!

Easy Homemade Chai Tea

Unless you live in the Indian subcontinent, it is very hard to find proper chai tea in any coffee shops or restaurants. Your best bet is going to an authentic Indian restaurant and to check their menu for chai. Some of them serve excellent chai tea.

Making chai tea at home is the best option for enjoying this delicious and spicy drink. If you want to buy all the ingredients and prepare it from the beginning, I recommend that you read my recipe for authentic masala chai tea. However, sometimes you might not have all the ingredients available, or maybe you just want to make things a bit easier.

Easy Homemade Chai Tea

Loose Leaf Chai Tea

The idea of a loose leaf chai tea blend is that someone already picked up the right amount of high-quality black tea and spices, and mixed them in the right ratio. Now, all you have to do to prepare a spicy authentic chai tea is to brew it the same way you would do it when preparing it from the beginning.

Here are simple instructions for preparing 2 servings of chai:

  1. Boil 1 cup (2.4 dl) of water and add 2 teaspoons of the loose leaf chai blend (about 5 grams).
  2. Cover and simmer on low heat for at least 5 minutes. You can also simmer it for a longer time, I recommend about 10-15 minutes or more.
  3. Add 1 cup of full-fat milk and heat it while constantly stirring until it becomes simmering hot again. Let it simmer for a few minutes while stirring.
  4. Add the amount of sugar (e.g. 2-4 teaspoons) or honey (or other sweetener) and stir.
  5. Strain the chai into mugs and enjoy!

You can adjust the amount of tea blend, water, milk, and sugar to your liking. Of course, you can also leave the water out and prepare it with just milk. Or leave the milk out entirely, and enjoy it black.

Using a loose leaf chai blend saves you the trouble of acquiring each ingredient separately. In my experience, the problem is that it’s hard to find a ready-made blend that produces a satisfactory chai tea experience.

Here are the only two chai blends for which I can guarantee that they have the right high-quality ingredients in the right proportion.

Rishi Masala Chai

In my opinion, Rishi Masala Chai is the best loose leaf chai blend. The great thing about this product is that all the ingredients are organic and of very high quality, and it really includes all that you need for an authentic Indian masala chai: black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, and cloves.

I feel like this loose leaf chai has everything in the right proportion. Just remember to gently stir or shake the contents of the bag before making the chai. This ensures that you get the right amount of each ingredient.

Rishi Masala Chai produces a rich and spicy tasting authentic chai experience. I can really recommend this to everyone!

VAHDAM India’s Original Masala Chai

VAHDAM India’s Original Masala Chai is a blend made of organic Assam black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, and cloves. The ingredients are directly sourced, high-quality tea and spices, that come in a resealable one-pound bag.

When you open the bag the first time, you can smell the freshness and quality of the ingredients are top-notch. Just take your time and prepare your chai the traditional way, and you will get a truly delicious and authentic tasting chai tea. This chai tea blend is the real deal!

Chai Tea Bags

If you want to enjoy a cup of hot and delicious chai without too much hassle, you can use tea bags to brew it.

Just add some boiling hot water to the cup with a tea bag and brew it for at least 5 minutes. Then add milk and sugar to your liking.

Here are the best chai tea bags for makings a fast and hassle-free cup of chai:

VAHDAM India’s Original Masala Chai

VAHDAM India’s Original Masala Chai is a great product and the box contains 30 individually packed tea bags (also available in a box of 100 tea bags). This is the closest to authentic chai tea you can get with using tea bags!

Stash Tea Double Spice Chai

Stash Tea Double Spice Chai is a chai blend that produces a very spicy and tasty chai tea. I think there aren’t that many great chai tea bag products available, but this definitely worth trying!

Instant Chai Tea

Usually, I don’t drink instant teas. They often seem to be blends of mostly sugar, with some cheap ingredients and artificial flavors. However, with chai tea, there is one exception, so I decided to include it in this article.

Blue Lotus Chai – Traditional Masala Chai

Blue Lotus Chai is available in six different tastes. They all sound interesting, and probably all of them are very good. I have only tried their Traditional Masala Chai, which is a winner of a Silver medal in 2019 sofi awards in Tea Category.

This instant tea doesn’t contain any sugar or other sweeteners. The product consists of brewed and dried black tea powder and organic ground spices including ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, and cloves.

This instant chai tea is prepared by mixing the powder with hot water or milk (or other liquid). Then you can add the desired amount of sugar or honey (or other sweetener). It produces a surprisingly good chai tea in just a few seconds. This Traditional Masala Chai is also available in a one-pound bag.

I recommend that you mix the contents of the can before using it. This ensures that you get the right amount of each ingredient when you make the tea. Blue Lotus Chai is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy tasty Indian chai tea!

Best Chai Tea Brands

Chai tea is one of my favorite drinks, and sometimes it’s nice to prepare it from the beginning by acquiring all the ingredients and adjusting the proportions according to my liking. However, this is a quite laborious task, and sometimes it can be hard to find all the necessary ingredients, especially in good quality.

In this article, I have introduced my favorite chai tea brands and products, which makes preparing a tasty chai tea much easier and more convenient.

Whether you want to make a pot full of chai tea for the whole family, drink a cup of chai by yourself, or get an instant delight of this sweet and spicy beverage, you can find the right product here. Have a great time, relax, and enjoy your chai!

Please post a comment below, and let me know what is your favorite chai tea brand.


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Best chai tea brands for homemade


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  1. Great-looking site and nice article about the Best Chai tea brands, this is definitely easy homemade healthy drinks! Blue Lotus Chai as Cinnamon flavor sounds like my perfect pick. Cinnamon is awesome, good tea is awesome. Good cinnamon tea has to be superb! I have my “secret” source for quality organic teas cause my friend is coffee and cafe brewer owner and they not only buy quality fair trade coffee but also great teas all around the world. However, thanks for sharing this, I will take a further look at your website and pick some other articles as well.
    -Kind regards Jesse

    • Thanks for commenting Jesse!

      Nice to hear that you find my website interesting. I also want to try Blue Lotus Cinnamon flavor, I’m sure it’s super tasty! You are lucky to have a friend who can provide you with quality teas and coffees. It’s also great that Amazon has such a large variety of products nowadays, so everyone can enjoy good quality tea and have it conveniently delivered to home.

      Best Regards,

  2. I am a big tea drinker but actually I have only tried Lipton. I know I need to expand and this review has given me some great options.

    I am interested in a couple of options here but I think I would like to start with the tea bags. It seems very simple yet it is going to be great for the taste buds.

    I am very happy they sell it at Amazon which makes it super easy to purchase. I will have some of this in my home in a few days. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Nate,

      I think it’s a good idea to at least give chai tea a try. You might even like it so much that you will become a regular chai drinker, that’s what happened to me. Authentic chai tea is really a treat for your taste buds!


  3. Being a Filipino, I loved drinking chai tea with my fellow Indian workers when I was in Saudi Arabia. They taste great specially the masala chai tea. I usually drink coffee but chai tea is different with its soothing goodness. And It lifts up your spirit. Nice post.

  4. My oldest daughter loves chai tea. I personally have always thought that it was only mediocre but I have not tried it anywhere that might make it correctly. I will have to try it one of the ways that you have recommended but no honey,

    • Hi Briget,

      I recommend that you try making authentic chai tea at least one time. You can add sugar for sweetener, or just leave it out if you want. I usually add some sugar, but not as much as they do in India.


  5. I am loving all of this… Amazing taste! When you drink your favorite tea, you simply rest! No worries! Homemade chai tea is what we need to have after a long working day!


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