peppermint tea caffeine content

Does Peppermint Tea Have Caffeine? Read and Find Out!

Peppermint tea is definitely one of my favorite drinks. It’s healthy, refreshing, and tastes great both hot and iced. So how could you not love it! But can you sip it late in the evening, or is going to ruin your sleep? Pure peppermint tea doesn’t have any caffeine so you can have it any … Read more

spearmint tea

Spearmint Tea Benefits – Digestion, Acne, PCOS, and More

I overheard my parents talking about spearmint tea a lot when I was growing up. Little did I know, there are various health benefits that spearmint can provide us. I instantly fell in love with the earthy, minty flavor the first time I drank the tea and never stopped ever since. If you’re a passionate … Read more

Peppermint tea health benefits

Peppermint Tea Health Benefits – It’s Good for You!

Peppermint is a hybrid of spearmint and watermint, and it has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The plant is known for its many health benefits and is often used as a digestive aid, remedy for colds, stress reliever, relaxant, and breath freshener. But even if you’re not sick or looking for specific health … Read more

best mint teas

Best Mint Teas in 2024 Tested & Reviewed

Mint tea is a refreshing and healthy drink that is popular in many places around the world, especially in North African countries. It’s also one of my favorite herbal teas. I have been trying dozens of brands of mint teas, and I wrote this article to introduce my favorite ones. So whether you are looking … Read more

traditional moroccan mint tea

Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea: Try This Authentic Recipe!

Authentic Moroccan mint tea made with fresh nana mint (spearmint) and Chinese gunpowder tea is a deliciously sweet and refreshing beverage. In Morocco, it’s an important part of the culture and social life, and it has become common throughout North Africa. So go ahead, read this guide, and try my recipe for traditional Moroccan mint … Read more