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Meta Mate 23 Review – Special Wild-Harvested Yerba Mate

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Most of the yerba mate tea is produced by growing the plants in large fields, harvesting the branches from young trees, and aging the product for about one year before packaging it.

However, this mate is produced in a completely different manner giving it taste and characteristics, unlike any other mate I have tasted before. Read my review of Meta Mate 23 to learn more about this unique product and the company behind it.

Meta Mate 23 Wild-Harvested Loose Leaf Yerba Mate Tea

Meta Mate 23
  • Amount: 500 grams
  • Type: Organic wild-harvested Yerba Mate
  • Taste: Fresh, Grassy, Leafy
  • Origin: Pinháo, Brazil
  • Recommended for: Everyone


  • Amazing overall quality
  • Great energizing effect
  • High focus on quality and sustainability
  • USDA Organic, EcoCert, FairTrust


  • More expensive than regular yerba mate

Meta Mate – The Highest Quality

Meta Mate is a small company based in Berlin, Germany, and they specialize in mate tea produced in Southern Brazil. The company was founded by Fabrício and Krithika, a couple sharing a passion for art and yerba mate tea.

Fabrício is originally from Brazil and grew up with mate culture, while Krithika is an Indian photojournalist who grew up in the United States. They traveled the world together and in 2009 they went to Brazil to harvest mate for the first time. After this, they traveled to many countries and performed a mate related theater play.

They also organized workshops and lectures about yerba mate and ecological farming.

Finally, in 2011 they decided to start the Meta Mate company to offer high-quality mate tea produced with traditional methods and in harmony with nature.

Meta Mate is also operating a mate bar, located in the Prenzlauer Berg part of East Berlin, that offers all kinds of mate products from chocolate and soap to beer. In addition, Meta Mate has a branch in Orlando, Florida.

Prenzlauer Berg Berlin
Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

The leaves used for Meta Mate products are hand-picked from old trees growing wild in the forest.

The trees are often 20-30 meters tall and harvesting them requires climbing up to the trees. Studies have shown that the big leaves from old trees have higher antioxidant content compared to the typically used smaller leaves of farmed yerba mate plants.

After the branches are harvested from the forest they will go through a traditional process called sapeco. It means that the branches are quickly passed over a fire to roast them in order to enhance the flavor.

The branches are then placed on a wooden rack and dried slowly with smoke for about 20 hours. This method gives Meta Mate products a unique flavor, unlike any industrially processed mate. The leaves are then crushed by hand before being pounded by a traditional pulverizer.

Meta Mate has a very high focus on product quality and sustainability. Respect for nature and ecological thinking plays a central part in the production. All products are made with traditional methods in small batches, which also guarantees a better income for the producers.

Production and Cut

Meta Mate 23 is harvested in the Pinháo region in Brazil. The cut is leafy and easy to prepare and enjoy using a gourd and bombilla. The product is vacuum-packed to conserve its freshness and high antioxidant content.

The color of Meta Mate 23 is quite different compared to most other yerba mate products. Its color is bright green because it has not been aged after harvesting and the vacuum packing has maintained its freshness. Meta Mate 23 is certified organic by EcoCert.

Meta Mate 23 cut
Meta Mate 23 has a vibrant green color and leafy cut

Aroma, Taste, and Effect

When I first opened the Meta Mate 23 package I was a little bit surprised at how fresh and grassy its aroma was. After preparing it for the first time I tasted it and found the slightly bitter, fresh, and grassy taste a bit weird. It was not what I would expect from yerba mate.

The taste is very unique and different compared to any other mate I have tasted. After drinking it a few times I got used to the taste and started loving it more after each time. Now that I have finished the 500g package, I wish I had more in stock.

Meta Mate 23 gives an energizing effect that is very clear and excellent for boosting physical activities or work that requires focus and creative thinking. I like to drink it especially in the morning before surfing or starting my workday.

Check out this great video introduction about Meta Mate 23:

Unboxing Fresh Green Meta Mate 23

Meta Mate 23 Review

Meta Mate 23 is a product that differs from your typical mate in many ways. It is the only wild-harvested mate I have tasted so far. It is also the only vacuum-packed mate product that I have tried.

If you are new to yerba mate, I think that Meta Mate 23 is an excellent starting point because of its relatively mild taste, nice and clear energizing effect, and high-quality. If you are an experienced matero, you might find this product to be different than what you are used to.

I recommend that you give it a try so you can experience its unique flavor and feel the difference compared to mass-produced yerba mate tea.

Meta Mate 23 ice tea
Meta Mate 23 Iced Tea

Meta Mate 23 is also excellent for making a refreshing terrēre (cold brew mate). My favorite way of drinking it is to make an iced tea by brewing it with a French press. Then add some lemon juice and honey and let it cool down before putting it into the refrigerator.

This is really one of the most delicious and refreshing iced teas I have ever tasted!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Have you already tried Meta Mate 23? If you have tried it, please post a comment below and tell me how you liked it.

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Meta Mate 23 Review

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