Trader Joe's Matcha Green Tea Latte Review

Trader Joe’s Matcha Green Tea Latte [REVIEW]

When I’m craving a matcha latte, I would usually go to a Starbucks or the nearby tea shop to order one. I recently stumbled on Trader Joe’s Matcha Latte powder and thought — why couldn’t I just buy it and make my own? The idea of this product is to provide matcha latte lovers a … Read more

Green Tea vs Herbal Tea

Green Tea vs Herbal Tea: How Are They Different?

I love drinking both green teas and herbal teas. And it’s not just the taste that intrigues me — these teas also have many health benefits confirmed by scientific research. One interesting aspect is that there are hundreds of varieties to try. My favorites range from Chinese green teas and Japanese matcha to herbal teas … Read more

green tea pre workout

Why Green Tea Is a Great Pre-Workout Drink

Pre-workout supplements have become a necessary part of the workout equation for many people. They promise to provide more focus, more strength, and more energy. However, many of these products contain synthetic ingredients and stimulants that bring with them unwanted side effects. As a result, many gymgoers have sought out natural alternatives that can provide … Read more

Can You Mix Matcha with Coffee

Can You Mix Matcha with Coffee? Yes, Try These Recipes!

One morning a while ago I was at Starbucks thinking if I should order an iced matcha latte or a coffee drink. Then I saw something interesting on the menu — Iced Matcha Espresso Fusion. I was thinking, can you really mix matcha with coffee? It was a good decision to order it, as I … Read more

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

5 Best Green Tea Brands for Weight Loss in 2024

Another year is here and with it comes a golden opportunity to focus on your health. If losing weight is your goal, experts recommend replacing bad habits with better ones. A simple approach to a healthier body is to make small, manageable changes like swapping calorie-packed beverages for lean green teas that rev up your … Read more

Best Loose Leaf Green Tea

8 Best Loose Leaf Green Tea Brands in 2024

Green tea makes headlines for its health benefits, but it’s more than a wellness potion. There are thousands of varieties with unique flavors based on their country of origin and processing methods. Inspiring alone or infinitely blendable with florals, herbs, and spices, green tea has a world of flavor potential. Join us on a journey … Read more

Green Tea with Milk

Green Tea With Milk – Is It a Good Idea?

Most people scowl at the thought of milk in green tea. The grassy, earthy notes in green tea stand alone beautifully. What’s more, the thought of diluting the jewel-like green color of pure green tea feels like a crime to many. It’s true that traditional Chinese Xihu Longjing green tea and Dragonwell green tea are … Read more

Is Arizona Green Tea Good for You

Is Arizona Green Tea Good for You? – Read and Find Out!

Hardcore tea fans have a love-hate relationship with Arizona Green Tea. There’s no denying that it’s tasty, easy to find, and inexpensive. However, this off-the-shelf iced tea might not satisfy your desire for a rich, healthy tea. Many people reach for Arizona Green Tea without reading the ingredient list because it’s marketed as being healthy … Read more

Kirkland Matcha Green Tea

Kirkland Matcha Green Tea – Benefits + Tasting & Review

Whether you are a seasoned tea drinker or an absolute beginner here is something that you should definitely try. Not a big fan of green tea? To be honest, I find most green teas sold in my local groceries too bitter and I only drink premium quality loose leaf teas from China and Japan. But … Read more