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Does Jasmine Tea Have Caffeine? Here Are the Facts!

Jasmine flowers are beautiful and famous for their sweet fragrance. Commonly used in perfumes, the Chinese have also used jasmine flowers to flavor green tea for centuries. While jasmine tea is known for its delicate floral flavor, you might be wondering if it has any caffeine? The answer depends on what kind of jasmine tea … Read more

jasmine milk tea recipe

Jasmine Milk Tea and Boba Tea Recipe

Jasmine milk tea is something that I tried for the first time only a few months ago. I had been drinking jasmine green tea many times before but adding some milk and honey really took this beverage to a new dimension! I started experimenting with different versions, and now I want to share my favorite … Read more

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Best Jasmine Tea Brands – Green, White, and Pure Jasmine

When you want something healthy, delicious, and traditional, jasmine tea is one of the most popular options to go for. And there are many great ways to prepare it: hot tea, iced tea, or how about some sweet and smooth jasmine milk tea? But not all jasmine teas are created equal. The cheaper brands often … Read more

Jasmine Tea Benefits, Possible Side Effects, Taste and How to Brew It

Jasmine tea is popular worldwide for its pleasant aroma and it is one of the most consumed tea beverages alongside green tea, black tea, white tea, and chamomile tea. Although tea drinkers enjoy the natural taste and exotic fragrance, it is often the jasmine tea benefits they are mostly after. I was impressed the first … Read more