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Guayaki Yerba Mate Review – Mild Yet Satisfying

Yerba mate tea is a traditional beverage from South America. It is brewed with leaves harvested from Ilex paraguariensis, an evergreen holly tree. It is a healthy, refreshing, and tasty drink.

In this Guayaki yerba mate review article, I will tell you about the company behind the product and evaluate its taste and aroma.

Guayaki Traditional Organic Yerba Mate Guayaki Yerba Mate

  • Price: click here to check price on Amazon
  • Amount: 1 lbs / 0.45 Kilo
  • Type: Organic loose leaf
  • Taste: Mild, Smooth, Earthy
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Recommended for: North Americans, Beginners

Guayaki – The Company

I love the story behind Guayaki Yerba Mate. It’s a story of two friends who met on the campus of California Polytechnic State University in 1996.

Alex Pryor from Argentina became friends with Californian David Karr. Alex introduced yerba mate to David and together with three other guys they started traveling around the United States and spreading the culture of yerba mate and holistic nature-loving way of life.

This laid the foundation for what would become the company we now know as Guayaki. Guayaki is the largest North American mate brand.

The company has Fair Trade and Kosher certificates. Guayaki company is based in Sebastopol, California, and their yerba mate is produced in Brazil. Regenerating ecosystems and creating vibrant communities is an important part of the company’s vision.

The business model of Guayaki is environmentally sustainable and they are aiming to create 1000 living wage jobs and conserving 200,000 acres of the rain forest.

Guayaki yerba mate is grown organically by small farmers and it is harvested in small batches.

The method of growth makes it a high-quality product and also increases its price. It is most popular among North American consumers.

In addition to loose leaf mate tea, Guayaki also offers yerba mate in tea bags.

They also have a very popular product line consisting of ready-made carbonated and non-carbonated yerba mate energy drinks.

Here is a cool and informative video about Guayaki yerba mate:

Yerba Mate ► Come To Life with Guayakí

Taste and Aroma

Guayaki yerba mate tea has a mild and soft taste, with smooth and earthy aromas.

The taste also has some rich chalky mineral notes with a hint of citrus. It has a milder taste and lower acidity compared to most of the more traditional brands.

If you are looking for a traditional, strong tasting, high-energy mate, this is not the ideal choice. This yerba mate has been designed to suit North American consumers.

I find the taste very pleasant, especially if I’m looking for something with a bit milder flavor or when making tereré (iced mate tea). If you want to get a bit more taste and energy out of it, you can use water as hot as 180ºF / 82ºC.


I find the effect of Guayaki yerba mate very pleasant. When it comes to the energy boost you get from this mate tea, it’s not the strongest I have tried.

But when you drink enough of it you get into a very focused and active mood good for working, exercising, or just hanging out with friends and chatting.

This mate certainly doesn’t make you feel anxious or jittery. The effect also lasts for a long time and fades away smoothly so there is no sudden crash and feeling of tiredness.

Guayaki Yerba Mate Review – A High-Quality Product

Guayaki yerba mate is a bit more expensive compared to many other brands. However, it is organic, sustainably produced, and has very high-quality standards. I think these qualities make it worth its price.

Guayaki Stall Levitt Pavilion Pasadena
Guayaki Stall at Levitt Pavilion Pasadena

Some people might be worried about possible carcinogenic compounds that can be found in smoke-dried yerba mate products. Guayaki has put a special effort into minimizing the amount of carcinogens, as most of their mate is air-dried.

Furthermore, since it’s organic there are no pesticides or herbicides in the product. This makes Guayaki yerba mate even healthier compared to most other mate products in the market!

This product gives me good vibes. I feel like the company has the right values that are reflected in the essence of their products.

However, this mate might not be for everyone. If you are looking for a strong and smoky-tasting mate that will knock your socks of, get something like Cruz de Malta.

You can find Cruz de Malta and more awesome yerba mate products, in this review article: Yerba Mate Tea Reviews – 5 Popular Brands.

To sum it all up, I can say that Guayaki yerba mate is a quality product with a mild and smooth taste.

I recommend it especially for North Americans and first-time mate drinkers.

I hope you found my Guayaki yerba mate tea review useful. Post a comment below and tell us what you think about this smooth and organic mate tea!

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