Yerba Mate Tea Gourd – The Traditional Vessel

Yerba Mate Tea Gourd – The Traditional Vessel

The traditional way of preparing and enjoying yerba mate tea is by using a gourd and a bombilla. Yerba mate tea gourd was originally developed by the Guarani people of South America. The traditional gourd is made from a fruit of a gourd vine, a calabash squash, which vary in shape and size and possess a very hard shell. The gourd plant belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae.

In addition to the traditional gourd, there are many different types of gourds that can be made from various materials. Mate gourds also come in different shapes. A round gourd is usually a small one used by a single person. A “neck” gourd is typically a larger one, which can be passed around in a mate circle. There are also cylinder-shaped gourds, which are often made from bamboo and used mainly for drinking tereré (ice-cold mate tea).

Let me introduce the most popular yerba mate gourds to you:

Calabash – The Traditional Mate Gourd

This is the most popular version of a mate gourd. As explained earlier, they are made from the shell of calabash fruit by drying and curing it. This type of gourd actually enhances the taste of your yerba mate tea by absorbing and releasing flavors.

You can buy an original handcrafted calabash gourd from Amazon (the set also includes a bombilla):

Ceramic Gourd – Stylish and Convenient

Ceramic gourds are quite popular because they often look very nice and it is easy to clean them. They can be found in any shape or size and decorative engravings can be added. A ceramic gourd is very durable (unless you drop it) and can be washed in a dishwasher machine.

Here is a very nice looking ceramic gourd (available on Amazon):

Wooden Gourd – Nice and Classy

Wooden mate gourds usually have a flat bottom which makes them easy to use. They are also easy to clean and there is no need for curing the gourd before the first use. A wooden gourd is a good choice for a beginner. They often come wrapped with metal to make them more durable. Wooden gourds can also add a nice flavor to the mate tea.

See this nice wooden gourd with a steel bombilla.

Horn Gourd – Guampa

A horn gourd, or guampa, is a traditional gourd made from cattle horn. These types of gourds are traditionally used in Paraguay and are made from hollowed-out bull’s horn. These types of gourds are not easy to find online – but you can travel to Paraguay to find a large selection of them!

Surprisingly, you can also buy a bull’s horn gourd from Amazon:

Glass and Metal Gourds – Easy to Maintain

Mate gourd can also be made from tempered glass or metal. Glass and metal gourds are durable and easy to clean. Some glass gourds are wrapped in leather for thermal insulation so that you would not burn your hand when holding it. A glass or a metal gourd is a good choice for beginners!

Stainless steel gourd (with bombilla):

Glass gourds (with bombilla):

How to Take Care of Your Yerba Mate Tea Gourd

Now that you know what different types of yerba mate gourds are available, it is up to you to choose the type of gourd that you like. Whether you want to have a simple gourd that is easy to maintain or a decorative and classy gourd, it is a matter of personal preference.

Below is a table with different types of gourds and their short descriptions:

Calabash GourdTraditional gourd made from the shell of calabash fruit. Needs to be cured before using.
Wooden GourdEasy to use. Adds nice flavor.
Ceramic GourdEasy to clean and durable.
Horn GourdTraditional gourd made from cattle horn.
Glass GourdEasy to clean and durable.
Metal GourdEasy to clean and durable.

If you have a traditional calabash gourd you need to cure it first before using it for the first time. Put some dried yerba mate in the gourd and fill it with water. Let it be like this for at least two days. Then pour the liquid out (do not drink it, throw it away!) and clean the gourd with hot water. Then, let the gourd dry for about two days.

If you have a wooden gourd you might want to rub the inside with some oil and let it sit for some time. The oil will prevent the wood from drying out too much.

With all types of gourds, it is best to clean them each time after use and then let the gourd dry. Never put boiling water in your yerba mate gourd! The gourd may crack and boiling water is too hot for brewing yerba mate tea.

With a nice and well-maintained gourd, you can have many memorable sessions and enjoy your yerba mate tea for many years!

I hope this article was useful to you. If you have any questions or comments please post them in the comments section below.

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  1. Thank you for this overview, I never realized there were so many options when it comes to drinking yerba mate tea. I guess, drinking tea should be a very personal ritual, that’s why the choice of the gourd is so important, the material, the size, and shape, the visual. All of these contribute to the whole experience of drinking yerba mate tea. With so many beautiful options available on the market, it’s not an easy decision, but I’ve certainly picked a few favorites now.

    • Thanks for your comment Martina! Yerba Mate really is a diverse topic and there is a lot of interesting aspects in it. If you have time, check out the other articles on this site also.

  2. Yerba Mate tea… have never heard of it, but after seeing this article, I am going to have to give it a try! Thanks!

  3. I love the idea of drinking out of these gourds. My parents used to have one but didn’t know it had this kind of use. The bull horn ones are very pretty!

    • Hi Buffy!

      Yes the bull horn gourds are really nice. If you have time, check out the other articles to learn more about Yerba Mate Tea.


  4. As an herbalist, I Love Yerba mate but I never thought of all the traditional containers to drink it out of. I believe it would make it so much more a ritual and ceremony to drink it this way There certainly are some beautiful Gourds! I just love the earthy connection I am sure it would make the herb taste much better and give you a more spiritual connection to it . will be grabbing a gourd ASAP
    Thank you!!

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