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Outlaw’s Oolong Tea Recipe – A Ballsy Brew!

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Dare to sip the bold and rebellious brew known as Outlaw’s Oolong Tea, where each leaf swirls with stories of ancient mystique and modern mischief.

This isn’t your grandmother’s tea; it’s a blend crafted for those seeking thrills in their cup!

Follow my Outlaw’s Oolong Tea Recipe and enjoy the complex layers of this semi-fermented wonder. Add a shot of whisky if you’re feeling adventurous, or whip up an iced cocktail version to cleanse the desert dust from your palate!

Outlaw's Oolong Tea Recipe

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Why You Should Try This Recipe

  • Bold Smoky Flavor: The smoked Oolong tea base offers a deep, campfire-like smokiness that provides a uniquely robust and enveloping taste experience.
  • Spicy Aromatic Depth: Infused with cinnamon and ginger, the tea gains a spicy warmth that invigorates the senses and complements the smoky notes perfectly.
  • Versatility in Flavoring: Whether enjoyed plain or enhanced with bourbon or whisky, this tea adapts to your taste preferences, allowing for a customizable drinking experience.
  • Perfect for Relaxation and Socializing: Outlaw’s Oolong Tea is a great choice for unwinding alone or serving as a unique offering at gatherings, appealing to those who enjoy exploring bold and adventurous flavors.


In the Outlaw’s Oolong Tea recipe, each ingredient is carefully chosen to create a bold and adventurous brew.

Smoked Oolong tea leaves, such as Lapsang Souchong, are the star, imparting a deep, campfire-like smokiness. Cinnamon adds a comforting, warm spice, while fresh ginger introduces a zesty, invigorating kick that heightens the tea’s complexity.

A touch of maple syrup rounds out the flavor profile, offering a subtle, rugged sweetness that complements the smokiness and spice beautifully.

Together, these ingredients forge a daring and delicious tea that’s both rich in flavor and steeped in character.

Ingredients for making 2 cups of Outlaw’s Oolong Tea:

  • 2 cups (500 ml) of Water
  • 2 teaspoons of Smoked Oolong tea leaves (Lapsang Souchong for a deep smoky flavor, or a lightly smoked Oolong for a subtler taste)
  • A Cinnamon stick for added spice
  • A few drops of Maple syrup for a rugged sweetness
  • A slice of Fresh Ginger for a sharp, spicy kick

How to Make Outlaw’s Oolong Tea

Instructions for making 2 cups of Outlaw’s Oolong Tea:

  1. Heat the Water:
    • Bring water to just under boiling, between 185°F and 200°F (85°C to 93°C). This optimal temperature will extract the smoky flavors without overpowering the natural delicacy of the Oolong.
  2. Prepare the Tea:
    • Place the smoked Oolong tea leaves in a teapot or use a tea infuser in a cup. Add the cinnamon stick and slice of fresh ginger at this stage for extra layers of spice and warmth.
  3. Steep the Tea:
    • Pour the hot water over the tea leaves, cinnamon stick, and ginger slice, ensuring they are fully submerged. Allow the tea to steep for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how strong you prefer the smoky and spicy notes to develop.
  4. Remove the Leaves, Cinnamon, and Ginger:
    • Remove the tea leaves, cinnamon stick, and ginger slice by taking out the infuser or straining the tea into another cup. This step is crucial to prevent over-steeping, which can make the flavors too intense.
  5. Enhance with Sweetness:
    • For a touch of rugged sweetness, stir in a few drops of maple syrup. This complements the smoky and spicy flavors beautifully, adding a smooth, sweet finish.
  6. Serve:
    • Pour the brewed tea into cups and enjoy!

Outlaw’s Oolong Tea with Whisky

Outlaw’s Oolong with bourbon captures the spirit of the wild and rugged, combining the intense smokiness of Oolong tea with the robust richness of bourbon. This hearty beverage invites those with a taste for the bold and adventurous.

Outlaw's Oolong Tea with Whiskey

Begin by steeping smoked Oolong leaves, cinnamon, and ginger as instructed earlier. Once the spices have been infused, remove them and stir a generous shot of bourbon (or Scotch whisky) into the still-warm tea. This addition intensifies the tea’s smoky essence and melds with the earthy, woody notes of the bourbon.

Perfect for sipping beside a campfire or after a day of outdoor exploits, this drink offers a bold escape into the essence of the outlaw — raw, untamed, and thrilling!

Outlaw’s Oolong Tea Cocktail

Unleash the bold flavors of the Outlaw’s Oolong Tea cocktail, where the smoky nuances of Oolong tea blend seamlessly with the robust warmth of bourbon or whisky.

Enhanced with a splash of fresh lemon and a hint of honey, this cocktail stands out as a unique and engaging choice for any occasion, from a relaxing evening to a lively cocktail party!

Outlaw's Oolong Tea Cocktail

To make an iced cocktail version of Outlaw’s Oolong Tea, start by steeping smoked Oolong leaves along with cinnamon and ginger in hot water as usual. Once infused, strain the mixture and let it cool to room temperature.

Sweeten to taste with maple syrup, then chill the tea in the refrigerator.

When ready to serve, fill a glass with ice, pour the chilled tea over it, and add a generous splash of bourbon or whisky. Stir well to blend the flavors and garnish with a twist of orange peel or a cinnamon stick for an extra touch of sophistication. This refreshing cocktail combines the deep flavors of the tea with the richness of the spirit, making for a perfect summer refreshment with a bold twist.

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Brew the Tea: Steep smoked Oolong leaves with cinnamon and ginger in hot water as instructed earlier and sweeten with maple syrup and a bit of honey.
  2. Cool the Brew: Let the tea cool to room temperature, then refrigerate until it’s chilled.
  3. Mix the Cocktail: Fill a glass with ice, pour in the chilled tea, and add a shot of bourbon or Scotch whisky.
  4. Add Fresh Lemon: Squeeze in fresh lemon juice to taste, stirring well to combine all the flavors.
  5. Garnish and Serve: Garnish with a lemon twist or a cinnamon stick for an extra touch of style and enjoy a truly memorable cocktail!

Tips & Variations

  • Experiment with Different Spirits: While bourbon is a classic choice, experimenting with different types of whisky like smoky Scotch whisky alters the flavor dynamics, offering new tasting experiences.
  • Add Smoked Salt: Introduce a pinch of smoked salt to the brewing process to enhance the smoky flavor and add a subtle savory note that complements the rugged character of the tea.
  • Incorporate Chili Peppers: For those who like a bit of heat, add a small piece of dried chili pepper while steeping the tea to introduce a spicy kick that pairs well with the smoky and spicy flavors.
  • Use Charred Wood Chips: During the steeping process, include a few small charred wood chips (like those used for barbecuing) to infuse an extra layer of smokiness and emulate a campfire essence.
  • Brew with Bacon: Add a clean piece of cooked bacon to the steeping tea for a few minutes to infuse a subtle bacon flavor that underscores the bold, outlaw theme.
  • Serve with a Smoked Foods: Complement the tea serving with a selection of smoked cheeses or BBQ meat; their rich, textures and smoky flavors will beautifully match the intensity of the Outlaw’s Oolong Tea.
Outlaw's Oolong Tea recipe

Outlaw’s Oolong Tea

Outlaw's Oolong Tea is a unique recipe, featuring smoky Oolong tea leaves infused with spices like cinnamon and ginger. Follow this guide and brew a bold, flavorful tea that captures the essence of the wild and adventurous spirit!
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 2


  • 2 cups Water
  • 2 tsp Smoked Oolong tea e.g. Lapsang Souchong
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Maple syrup
  • A slice of Fresh Ginger


  • Heat water to about 185°F and 200°F (85°C to 93°C) in a teapot. Add Oolong tea, cinnamon stick and a slice of fresh ginger.
  • Allow the tea to steep for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how strong you prefer the smoky and spicy notes to develop.
  • Strain the tea into cups and stir in a few drops of maple syrup. Enjoy!

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